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Update on SAG negotiations & location filming in Burbank

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Those long-running Screen Actors Guild negotiations appear to be stalled in a nowhere zone. The most recent press release posted on SAG’s website is dated August 15 and it claims “informal discussions” are happening.

Ah, but wait, over on the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers’ website a posted statement denies there are ANY talks underway.  Not a good sign of progress. Nonetheless, the filming must go on.

A crew sets up at a hillside home in Burbank to film a commercial spot for VH-1 and Burger King on July 15, 2008.

Photos by FLLewis

Burbank remains a favorite place to shoot for many production companies.  Over at the Burbank Police Department, Norma Brolsma processes film permits and she suggests ” a little bit of everything” is filming in the city right now from commercials to reality programs to other types of TV shows. Not many features, but that is normal for this time of year.

Brolsma says film permits are being issued at about the same rate as last summer during the rush to beat the WGA strike.  In 2007, Burbank issued 36 permits for location shootings in June, 26 in July, and 34 in August.

This year, 27 film permits were handed out in June, 35 in July, and so far 24 in August.

Brolsma expects to be busy issuing permits through November.

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