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Valentine’s Day: Desires and warnings

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Heart and flowers clipart

When it comes to Valentine’s Day apparently many Americans have mixed emotions. On the one hand, 48 percent of those surveyed in a recent Harris Poll felt Valentine’s Day is a good time to communicate those special feelings to a significant other. However, about two-thirds of those questioned thought commercialism surrounding the holiday had ruin the romance associated with the day. One must keep in mind, the selling of the holiday would not be worth millions if so many people were not into celebrating it.

Now that we’ve gotten that out-of-the-way, let’s talk about the most popular gifts. A Bentley wrapped with a red bow or a weekend in Paris are nice fantasies, but the number one desire for women are flowers. Don’t go for the cheapy kind or if the love of your life is allergic to posies select fancy candy, which is in the top five as well.  Do keep in mind, if the object of your affection is seriously dieting you will probably have more success with other popular choices like jewelry, or lingerie or a day of pampering at a spa or something as simple as breakfast in bed.

Around 22-hundred adults were surveyed online for this poll last month between January 14 and 19.

If you’re still shopping for someone special, balloons are fun, but watch out for the Mylar balloons. You know, the foil like metallic ones. They are really festive and colorful. More Mylar balloons are sold for Valentine’s Day than any other holiday, according to a news release from the Burbank Water and Power.

Mylar balloons

You need to be cautious with the Mylar balloons. If they escape  into the environment and get tangled up in power lines, they can knock out the electrical power to thousands of residences and businesses.  The BWP says “one in five power outages in Burbank” is caused by these balloons.  Apparently, the metallic elements in the Mylar balloon can “cause an electrical surge, leading to power outages.”

The advice the agency is giving is to make sure the Mylar balloons are attached to some kind of weigh and “tethered at all times” so they will not float away and cause havoc.

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