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Valentine’s Day: flowers, especially roses, still very popular

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FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove  —  Samuel’s floral designer Karla Comayagua adds yellow roses to an arrangement.    


The last minute dash for Valentine’s Day gifts is on and many folks are going for flowers. I dropped by Samuel’s, a Burbank florist well-known for its gorgeous arrangements and high quality flowers, yesterday afternoon. While I was there, several male customers picked up orders and they all included roses.


I am really dazzled by all the different colors of roses out this season; my favorites are the yellows and magentas. Despite the variety, Samuel’s owner/floral designer, Donna Smith, says red roses are still the most requested flowers for Valentine’s Day. 

The holiday price this week, $85 for a dozen long stem roses. That price has not changed that much in recent years, according to Smith who has owned Samuel’s since 1998. The florist opened for business in Burbank in 1937. Smith started in the shop as a helper, worked her way up to manager and eventually bought the place.

Smith admits business slowed down a bit last year as the recession kicked-in; but she says customers are still springing for flowers, particularly on special occasions. One regular customer of Samuel’s pops for fancy flower arrangements costing between $350 and $500 for the women in his family on all major holidays including Valentine’s Day.

Smith thinks the sluggish economy makes flowers a good buy because a lot of, “… people cannot afford jewelry” and other big ticket items right now. The orders have been coming into Samuel’s at a steady stream this week, nevertheless, Smith expects the pace to really pick up the closer we get to Valentine’s Day. She says Samuel’s will have at least three drivers delivering the bulk of their 100-200 orders on Friday and Saturday.


Samuel’s is at 921 West Olive Avenue, Burbank, CA 91506-2299     (818) 846-1722

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