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Warner Bros. CEO admits layoffs are coming

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Apparently no one’s job is safe at Warner Bros. A lot of tension and frayed nerves there as the employees wait to see who will get the axe.  In an office memo yesterday, CEO Kevin Tsujihara confirmed reports that layoffs are coming. Tsujihara did not say how many jobs would be cut, but said the axe will fall  “across the Studio. ” Warner, based in Burbank,  has somewhere around 8, 000 employees globally.

Here’s part of that memo.

“We are doing our best to minimize staff reductions. However, and it pains me to say this, positions will be eliminated—at every level—across the Studio. In making these decisions, we will follow all applicable protocols. Your divisional and departmental leadership will share more information with you about these changes in the months ahead.”  The complete memo on the Hollywood Reporter and The Wrap.

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