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Watch out for that fake earthquake warning

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Earthquake graphic

Earthquakes are serious business in the Southland. The shaking has continued almost non-stop since that 5.1 sizeable quake struck near La Habra last Friday night causing some damage. The U.S. Geological Survey says there have been hundreds of aftershocks. This morning, there were a couple of 2.5 tremors and a 3.0 shaker in the area of Friday’s moderate quake. Understandably, some folks are a little jittery and some nerves a bit frayed.  And someone is trying to make that situation worse.

There’s a fake letter reportedly going around on the Internet that predicts a big quake in SoCal. The letter apparently has the logo of the U.S. Geological Survey. Today the USGS went on Twitter to disavow any connection to the letter.

On the USGS website there is notice about the fake alert message as well.

“USGS is aware of a letter circulating on the Internet that uses our logo and warns of an impending sizable earthquake in Southern California. USGS had no part in this letter or any alleged alert. USGS does not predict earthquakes. USGS distributes reliable and timely scientific information on earthquakes and makes it all available to the public at”


If the letter is some sort of April Fool’s joke — it’s cruel and not very funny.

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