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Santa Ana Winds & Southland Wildfires

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Firefighter battles flames in Porter Ranch — Francine Orr/ Los Angeles Times

Firefighters continue to attack blazes in Southern California today; two big wildfires in the San Fernando Valley have destroyed homes, businesses, vehicles, and caused two deaths.  Authorities say a break overnight from the strong Santa Ana winds in the Lake View Terrace area allowed crews to get the upper hand on the Marek Fire. 

That blaze is now 70 percent contained, but it has scorched close to 5 thousand acres. Tragically, a homeless man and his dog died when their shack was consumed by flames. Also, dozens of mobile homes were destroyed. Arson is suspected in the Marek Fire.

The situation is quite different over in Porter Ranch where the Sesnon Fire is still raging out of control. Powerful winds during the night fed that blaze and it doubled in size to nearly 10 thousand acres. Two thousand people have been evacuated from neighborhoods there. As many as 19 homes may have been destroyed.

A motorist was killed in a crash on a nearby freeway during the chaos caused by that fire yesterday.

Today the Sesnon Fire is burning strong and spreading. Sections of it have threatened homes in Granada Hills and Ventura County. Also, authorities say they’re hoping and making every effort to keep this fire from burning all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

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