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Will another Southlander win the $180 million Mega Millions jackpot?

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The Mega Millions jackpot has hit $180 million and appears to be headed for the $200 million mark. No lottery ticket had all of last night’s winning numbers: 11, 37, 46, 64, 68, and the Mega 15. However, someone who bought a ticket at the North Hollywood 7-Eleven, 7568 Lankershim Boulevard, came pretty close to scoring a jackpot win.

The North Hollywood ticket has all of the winning numbers, except the Mega Ball. It’s worth $255,171. Four other tickets, two in New York and one in Missouri and Washington matched the same five numbers as well.

The last time some one scored the Mega Millions jackpot was back on August 22, when a Riverside man won $180 million! Hmm. Will another Southlander win it all? The next draw is Friday, October 17.

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