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Will it rain on Burbank on Parade?

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weather graphic with sun, clouds, and rain

Will it rain on Burbank on Parade tomorrow morning? The parade organizers are probably pondering that question right now. Today the skies over the Media City have been dark and threatening at times. On occasion, the sun pushed through the clouds, but did not stay around very long. Also, the temperatures are in the cool 60s and it’s a bit breezy. No raindrops yet, however, they’re in the forecast. There’s a 50 percent chance of showers this evening and through the night.

If you’re going to “Ladies Night Out” in Magnolia Park, dress warmly (low tonight in the upper 40s)  and take an umbrella. Weather watchers  are  predicting some light precipitation– no heavy rain. Actually, we could use a serious downpour or even several major rainstorms at this point in our very dry rainy season.

Showers are in the a.m. forecast for tomorrow, too. Hopefully, that wet system will roll through quickly and clear out by the time the parade starts at 11 a.m. One long time Burbank on Parade fan told me, she once watched the procession along Olive Avenue in a car parked in the lot of what is now CVS Pharmacy. It was raining, but that didn’t dampen her spirits for the parade.  I think many parade fans feel the same and will show-up tomorrow, rain or shine.

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