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Winter in the Southland: Sunny and warm this weekend

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A really warm and sunny  MLK holiday weekend for the Southland. I love it!  The temperatures began to sizzle yesterday, when the high reached 81 in Burbank! In the middle of January — this is how we do winter in SoCal.

By 1 p.m. this afternoon, once again, the temperature cracked the 80 degree mark in the Media City. More of the same is expected on Sunday and Monday. I was out at a gardening shop this morning, and someone referred to the weather as “fake spring.” I know these warm temps and sunny skies are not going to last for long. We’ll soon be back into sweaters, coats, and huddled under umbrellas. I’m okay with that. I plan to enjoy this bout of “fake spring” like it’s the real thing.

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