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Wow! It’s really cold outside in Burbank

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You’ve gotta bundle up to go outside in Burbank. An arctic blast of cold air is making it feel like we’re in Burbank, Illinois. Where did our relatively mild SoCal winter weather go and more importantly, when is it coming back?

The lows dipped into the 30s this morning and the high is only expected to reach the mid 50s in the Media City today. The Southland has been suffering with this kind of frigid weather for the past few days — and there doesn’t appear to be much relief until close to the end of  next week. Brrrrr!!!

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One Response to Wow! It’s really cold outside in Burbank

  1. DixieFlyer Saturday, January 12, 2013 at 8:04 pm #

    Brace yourself, Miss Fronnie!!

    This Global Warming is beginning to rival Golonski’s Drought.

    Drop by City Hall on Tuesday Night for some Warmth.

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