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Write a novel in a month — thousands are trying to do it in November!

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National Novel Writing Month logo 

 Writers around the world are pounding computer keys or scribbling as fast as they can in notebooks — as part of the annual Write A Novel in a Month project. It kicked off today and writers have until November 30 to produce 50,000 words — that’s a short novel of 175 pages. Last year, 165,000 writers reportedly took the challenge and 30,000 were victorious.

This popular creative writing venture is run by a non-profit, which has a host of sponsors this year including The word count of 50,000 words is a lot, but I know writers who have taken this challenge and achieved that goal.

Organizers admit the project  emphasizes persistence and output, rather than the details of the novel writing craft. However, for those who have been procrastinating about writing “that novel” this is consider a good “kick-in-the-pants” to get cranking.

More details and a ton of support and encouragement here.  By the way, you have to be patient, the  National Novel Writing Month website is getting heavy traffic today so it’s a bit sluggish.

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