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Three candidates vying for Burbank City Clerk in November 8 Election 2022

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For the first time in a decade, Burbank is getting a new City Clerk. Voters will decide who that will be in the upcoming November 8 election. The position opened up when City Clerk, Zizette Mullins, decided not to run for re-election but for a seat on the city council instead.

The City Clerk is a vital position at Burbank City Hall. Above all, the City Clerk’s Office is responsible for informing the public about official actions in city government.  The City Clerk’s Office handles many other duties including voter outreach,  managing municipal elections and campaign filings, preserving all city records, accepting public records requests, producing  city council minutes, overseeing numerous city boards, commissions, and committees, as well as providing passport services. The office has an annual budget of around $2 million and a staff of nearly a dozen.

Three candidates are running to replace Mullins and lead the department. Their backgrounds differ, but they all have a strong desire to serve the Burbank community. In ballot order, Burbank school district administrator, Kimberley Clark, Jamal El-Amin, financial annuity consultant, and Burbank city administrative analyst, Viviana Garzon.

Recently, I emailed the same two questions to each candidate. Below are those questions and their responses.

Kimberley Clark: Candidate for City Clerk

1. Why are you the best candidate?

In my current role with the Burbank Unified School District, my responsibilities closely align with those of the City Clerk. I oversee elections, act as custodian of records, operate as the Filing Officer with regard to mandatory disclosures such as Form 700 filings, and prepare Agendas and take Minutes using the same software utilized by the City. I also provide excellent customer service in my daily interactions with parents, students, and staff members.

I have an M.A. in Business Writing and have previously worked as an editor for 20 years. That educational and career experience has enabled me to read and interpret complex documents. I have developed great working relationships with local and state representatives and, as someone who grew up in Burbank; I have a deep love of my community and understand the importance of giving back through volunteerism and civic engagement. I believe in learning a job from the ground up and I have made it my practice throughout my professional life to provide responsive service and to do my best to help find solutions to shared problems. I have a veneration for history and would like to instill the importance of voting and community engagement in our community’s young people.

2.  What would you do as City Clerk to keep citizens up to date on important matters involving city government?

As the Public Information Officer for BUSD, I know the importance of providing accurate and timely communication and giving residents an opportunity to make their voices heard. Social media, newsletters, and email are effective methods of sending out press releases and news bulletins regarding the events and activities of our city government. It is important to include as many means of communication as possible to engage more citizens as people obtain their information from a variety of sources.

Jamal El-Amin: Candidate for City Clerk

1. Why are you the best candidate?

I have a vision for the city that includes a sea change in civic engagement. As a former little league baseball coach, I learned that it’s vital to engage young people as early as possible. I want to partner with leaders in our schools to increase civic knowledge among our youth. Teach the young people the mechanisms of local, state and federal government. With fun exercises and activities, I want to spark the imaginations of students and make them understand their involvement is imperative to the future of this city. They’ll grow up, hungry to be the future leaders of this community. This effort will also be dependent on partnership with parents and teachers. I’ll hit the ground running and ensure that all residents understand and believe that there’s need and space for their voices. My aggressive expansion approach to resident engagement will benefit all levers of government and our community as a whole. This will hopefully lead to one of my most important platform initiatives: 100% voter participation. I know it sounds outlandish, but I was taught at an early age, shoot for the moon you’ll end up among the stars.

2.  What would you do as City Clerk to keep citizens up to date on important matters involving city government?

I’m a face to face guy. Now that COVID restrictions are abating, I’d set up frequent town hall events to inform the community, with live stream options. I want to inform, and equally important, I want to listen. The best leaders are the best listeners. As a ten year married man, I’ve learned that lesson well. I’ll also explore all media options to become a household name in the Burbank community. From television to social media, email, texting and good old fashion snail mail, I’ll ensure that our residents are thoroughly informed. I’ll also invite our residents to become active members in city government, run for office, volunteer for boards and commissions. The strength and vitality of Burbank is dependent on increased participation from all Burbank residents and my doors will always be open.

Viviana Garzon: Candidate for City Clerk

1. Why are you the best candidate?

My 20-year career in the City of Burbank and my current role as the Administrative Analyst II in the City Manager’s Office makes me the best, most qualified and experienced candidate on the ballot for Burbank City Clerk. I have an essential, active role in the City’s administration and legislative process and know the City’s internal operations, administrative procedures, policies, and expectation for high quality customer service well. I have a passion for public service and I am dedicated to continue serving our amazing community.

2.  What would you do as City Clerk to keep citizens up to date on important matters involving city government?

One of my top goals as City Clerk is to provide exceptional customer service and be the conduit of information between the public and City Council. I will do this by leading with integrity and fostering trust with our community. One of the most important ways to foster trust is through communication.

The results of the Community Opinion Survey conducted in April 2022 showed that more than two-thirds of residents are satisfied with the City’s efforts to communicate with residents. The research noted that word of mouth, water bill flyers, The Wire, Burbank e-mail alerts and the City’s website are cited as the most frequently or occasionally used information sources. The City Clerk’s Office has a webpage at with up to date information on City Council meetings, agendas, elections, City records, and more. When I am City Clerk, I will use the available information resources diligently to ensure the public is being informed on important community matters.

In addition, there is opportunity to increase communication through our community partners.  These partners include non-profit organizations, the small business community, Burbank Unified School District, service organizations, parent organizations, civic engagement organizations, places of worship, advocacy groups, Boards and Commissions, and others. Also, the Burbank Leader and are excellent partners to help distribute information to our residents.

Last month, Clark, El-Amin, and Garzon answered more questions during the Burbank Candidates 2022 Forum conducted by the League of Women Voters of Greater Los Angeles.  See it here. Also, you can go on the Burbank Channel and watch the candidates for City Council, City Clerk, and Treasurer make their pitches for your vote. 

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8. Vote! It’s your voice.

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