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What to leave out of a query

San Francisco literary agent Nathan Bransford has written another great blog post in his quest to demystify the query. Bransford put up the what NOT to say in your query post last Thursday, but I just got a chance to click over to his blog this weekend.

Bransford’s list has nearly a dozen things he would rather not see or hear about in a query. I’m going to re-think the query for my second book after reading this list.  Again, some good insight and pointers for writers getting ready to shop a manuscript.

How to query an agent

 Over on the Guide to Literary Agents Editor’s blog— an August 28 post features 10 tips for writers interested in querying agents. The list was compiled by Guide to Literary Agents editor Chuck Sambuchino who runs this blog. GLA is one of the most popular resource books for agent shopping.

There’s a ton of information on this blog and the entire website about writing, publishing, and hooking up with an agent.

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