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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Actor Arlow Stewart in Abraham Lincoln Park 300 North Buena Vista Street Burbank February 25, 2012

UPDATED-Media City G Profile: Actor Arlow Stewart

There’s a ton of great talent in the Southland. So we’re going to be giving shout-outs to some of  that talent in a new feature called Media City G Profiles.  First up: Actor Arlow Stewart. I heard Arlow Stewart give a cold reading during a community event here in Burbank a short while ago. I was impressed with his skill. Others there commented on his strong vocal delivery as well. At the age of 16, Stewart and his mother took what he called “a risk of faith” by leaving Oklahoma City for Hollywood. Stewart enrolled at... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Author Sue Ann Jaffarian reacts with a smile to while chatting with writers after a workshop at the Buena Vista libarary in Burbank September 17, 2011

A Look back: A writer’s workshop on how to get an agent

Multi-talented author and Media City Groove guest blogger, Sue Ann Jaffarian, conducted a very informative writer’s workshop called, “Turning Agent Woes Into Agent Wows,” at the Buena Vista library here in Burbank last month. Forty-to-fifty writers showed up for the September 17 workshop. Many spent most of the time scribbling notes as Sue Ann covered the agent search from manuscript preparation to how to write the kind of e-mail query that will catch an agent’s attention. Also, Sue Ann shared some tips on where to find agents on the Internet and what to ask... Read More →

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Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Sue Ann Jaffarian

How to snag an agent to shop your literary project

For a lot of writers getting an agent is harder than the writing.  Media City Groove Guest Blogger, Sue Ann Jaffarian, has leaped that hurdle to become a best-selling author of three mystery series.  Jaffarian, a paralegal for a Los Angeles firm, started off in self-publishing, and along her writer’s journey picked up a thing or two about making that agent hook-up. Jaffarian is going to share some of her tips in a writer’s workshop called, “Turning Agent Woes Into Agent Wows,” this Saturday, September 17, 2 p.m. at the Buena Vista... Read More →

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Hollywood buzz: celebrities, writers, scripts, and Spec Chaser

Justin Timberlake & Cameron Diaz back together again? They were once part of a hot Hollywood couple before splitting up a few years back, now Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are making a movie together. is reporting that Timberlake just signed on as the male interest in a raunchy comedy called, “Bad Teacher.” Diaz takes on the role of a foul-mouthed grade school teacher who gets dumped by her boyfriend and then goes after a co-worker’s guy, played by Timberlake. The script is by film/TV writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene... Read More →

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Cinderella Story: Author signs with major agent

Kindle — Amazon’s popular wireless reading device On Thursday, Freelance Writer Gayle Trent signed with a big time agent after one of her mystery novels became a bestseller in Amazon’s Kindle Store, which has around 400,000 e-books, magazines, newspapers, and blogs. Small independent publisher of books set in or about the South, BelleBooks, recently offered Trent’s mystery, “Murder Takes The Cake,” in the Kindle Store as part of a temporary promotion.  Well, the mystery shot to number three on Kindle’s bestseller list. What happened next sounds like a  writer’s fantasy. Trent told GalleyCat she... Read More →

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Entertainment Bytes: The top grossing domestic films of 2009 & a new high-powered agency in Hollywood

 “Transformers ll” tops the Box Office in 2009 Well, you can’t win them all. The blockbuster, “Avatar,” is dominating the Box Office right now, but when it came to to the top grossing domestic films of 2009, another action flick grabbed the top spot. The title of the number one big grosser belongs to “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” with $402,111 million.  2.   “Avatar” $352,114 million. 3.   “Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince”   $301,959 million. 4.    Up”  $293,004 million. 5.    “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” $287,954 million. The rest of the top ten... Read More →

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Major Hollywood Deal: William Morris and Endeavor agencies to merge

After months of negotiations, two powerful entertainment agencies, William Morris and Endeavor, announced they will merge into one company today. The new agency will be known as William Morris Endeavor (WME) Entertainment. The announcement came shortly after the leadership at both talent agencies approved the historic deal, which requires government approval. The Hollywood Reporter says this is “the largest combination of two existing agencies in Hollywood history.” Variety described WME Entertainment as a powerhouse, that “… promises to change the landscape for the talent rep biz.” WME Entertainment is expected to pull in annual revenues in the $300 million range, according... Read More →

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Writing query letters that get noticed by agents

  Two agent/bloggers are showcasing query letters from authors that grabbed their attention. The authors who wrote these knockout queries got requests for their manuscripts and later representation. Last Friday Kristin Nelson, on her Pub Rant blog, discussed one of her client’s boffo queries.  Also, over at the BookEnds, LLC – A Literary Agency blog, Jessica Faust is posting a series of successful author query letters. Faust not only points out what works in these queries, but also what she thinks would improve and make them even better. Very helpful posts for authors serious about hooking up... Read More →

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Holiday Spirit — one agent/blogger’s gift

  Really bad wintry weather (snow, ice, sleet, and rain) is derailing holiday plans and travel itineraries for people all across the country. The airlines have canceled hundreds of flights in the past few days. You can understand that, but apparently many of those passengers affected by the cancellations can’t get on another flight before Christmas. Gee, bad weather happens this time every year. You’d think the airlines would have added extra flights during the holidays. The airlines will probably be the next companies asking for a chunk of that bailout money because... Read More →

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Writing Tips

What to leave out of a query San Francisco literary agent Nathan Bransford has written another great blog post in his quest to demystify the query. Bransford put up the what NOT to say in your query post last Thursday, but I just got a chance to click over to his blog this weekend. Bransford’s list has nearly a dozen things he would rather not see or hear about in a query. I’m going to re-think the query for my second book after reading this list.  Again, some good insight and pointers for writers getting ready to shop a manuscript. How to... Read More →

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Writing Tips

Looking for an agent?  Writing that all important query is a must. San Francisco literary agent Nathan Bransford has a great post on his blog about a new survey involving the nearly two hundred queries he received last week. And that was a slow week for him! Bransford has offered up query stats and tips before. This time, he focuses on what’s the right length. The queries that ran between 250-350 words hit what Bransford called “the sweet spot.” Bransford says this is an ideal length most of the time, but not always. Check... Read More →

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Book Bytes–Sarah, Leah, and Boys Night Out

Big Buzz on Sarah Palin book The new Republican V.P. nominee, Sarah Palin, has a book out and it’s a hot bestseller on Barnes & and Amazon. “Sarah: How a Small Town Girl Turned Alaska’s Political Establishment on Its Ear” has been out a while. The biography was first published in April of 2008, before Palin’s recent problems were disclosed in the national media. Last Saturday, “Sarah” ranked number eight on the Barnes & bestsellers list. By Sunday evening, it had jumped to number five. Then on Labor Day Monday, the highest ranking... Read More →

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Writing Tips

What are the rules for granting an agent an exclusive read?  San Francisco literary agent Nathan Bransford gives his take on the subject in a post yesterday on his popular and in-the-know blog. Bransford breaks down his advice into categories and starts with a definition of exclusive as it pertains to the submission of literary works. This is a very good post and well worth clicking over to Bransford’s blog to check out.

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