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SAG & AFTRA reach a tentative agreement with Hollywood producers

           Some good labor news in Tinseltown. Early this morning it was announced a tentative deal on a new contract had been reached with the Screen Actors Guild, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and the Hollywood producers. Talks began on Monday, September 27, between the actors’ representatives and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. During a marathon bargaining session over the weekend, negotiators hammered out the details of  a three-year pact, which begins on July first of next year.  Some... Read More →

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SAG says no deal to the studio bosses

Today, the Screen Actors Guild handed the AMPTP a response to its final offer. While the producers were looking for a “yes” to everything, SAG tossed out some counter proposals instead. The AMPTP got really ticked about that. Apparently,  the AMPTP had expected SAG to rubber-stamp the deal like, ah, that other actors’ union. On its website, the AMPTP slammed SAG for not falling in line with AFTRA. “The last thing we need is a long, hot, summer of labor strife …” according to a posted statement. Also,... Read More →

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Actors’ negotiations update

  One union contract is a done deal, but the second, and probably the most difficult, is still a cliffhanger. First — AFTRA. The waiting is over. Tonight, AFTRA announced the results of the balloting on the tentative primetime television offer from the producers. AFTRA negotiators reached the tentative agreement with the AMPTP on May 28. Last month, ballots were sent out to union members. AFTRA has 70, 000 members and claims 52, 000 of them are working actors. The ballots were due yesterday. Tonight, AFTRA revealed... Read More →

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