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Photo from -- The Burbank 2011 Tournament of Roses Float

City Buzz

Burbank used same audit firm as Bell A report from State Controller, John Chiang, reportedly found considerable problems with the audit of the city of Bell’s finances by Mayer Hoffman McCann — the same accounting firm that has done work for the city of Burbank. In a news release last week Chiang said: “MHM appears to have been a rubber-stamp rather than a responsible auditor …” Today in a story posted on the Los Angeles Times website, Burbank City spokesman, Keith Sterling, said city officials relied... Read More →

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Photo credit: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept./L.A. Times -- Mug shot of Bell Mayor Oscar Hernandez September 21, 2010

Eight arrested in Bell city hall corruption scandal. Is Burbank next?

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is cracking down on corruption in the city of Bell. Yesterday the mayor, Oscar Hernandez, and seven other current and former Bell officials were arrested by police and D.A. investigators. The Los Angeles Times, which broke the story, reported “…a battering ram” had to be used to break into the home of Mayor Hernandez, in order to arrest him.  Hernandez was taken into custody Tuesday morning along with city council members Teresa Jacobo, Luis Artiga and George Mirabal as well as ex-council members George Cole and Victor... Read More →

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City Buzz

Burbank & the Bell salary flap Here ‘s a sad, but true tale of two Southland cities where the pay of  selected officials/employees has been jacked up to ridiculous levels.  The Los Angeles Times outed the  small community of Bell recently for paying exorbitant salaries to a handful of its city officials. Nearly $800,000 to the Bell City Manager, $457,000 to the Police Chief, and $376, 288 to the Assistant City Manager. Oh, and most of the Bell City Council members were banking a $100,000 a year. The Times’ investigation produced a series of stories and columns, sparking outrage among Bell citizens.  That outrage... Read More →

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