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photo of a pink tea rose

Jean Youn: Roses, morning glory, and June

It’s June now. A variety of flowers will be in full blossom. When you realize that it is June, what flower comes first to your mind? For me, it is a rose. That’s not because of my personal experience or memory, but because of education. As I learned in class that roses bloom in June, I had to memorize it for a test. In fact, it was the morning glories that I had seen most at this time of a year. Morning glory were very common... Read More →

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green dragon clip art

Jean Youn: Year of the dragon

Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn It is is a glorious new day of the first day of the year 2012. In East Asia, upon tradition, each year is represented by a cycle of 12 animals. This year is the year of the dragon. The animals that represent each year are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, dog, chicken, and boar. Eleven of the animals are ones that exist in real life but the dragon isn’t a real animal. Read More →

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