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In the News: March 16, 2016

Primary results from Super Tuesday 3, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton scored big last night and remain the front-runners heading for a showdown in the November Presidential Election. CNN Politics President Obama called the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate’s bluff and nominated a candidate for the U.S. Supreme Court today. Obama selected Judge Merrick Garland, of the Washington D.C. Federal Appeals Court and a former prosecutor in the Unabomber, Oklahoma Cit and Atlanta Olympics bombings cases. CNN, NPR, The White... Read More →

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Photo: Greg Reyna / Freelancer/ Media City G -- Information tables showed high-speed rail options at community meeting in Burbank December 8, 2014

High-speed rail community update in Burbank today

A community meeting on the California high-speed rail project is set to begin this evening at 5 p.m. in Burbank. This is the latest in a series of open house meetings to update locals on the first high-speed rail system in the nation, expected to run 800 miles from Sacramento to San Diego. Around twenty-four stations are being planned in the system — one is in Burbank. This evening’s meeting will focus on the alternatives under consideration for the Palmdale to Burbank section, which will travel from the... Read More →

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Photo: Greg Reyna / Freelancer/ Media City G -- High- speed rail community meeting at Buena Vista Library in Burbank December 8, 2014

Photo Gallery: High-speed rail open house in Burbank

Close to a hundred concerned citizens visited an open house on the proposed California High-Speed Rail Project held at the Buena Vista Library on Monday, December 8. California High-Speed Rail Authority staffers were on hand with maps and graphics to show options being consideration for the Palmdale to Burbank Project section. The authority is responsible for overseeing the first high-speed rail system in the country. The plan is for a bullet train to run from Sacramento to San Diego, 800 miles, with stops in major regions and cities. There will be... Read More →

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High-speed rail meeting in Burbank

The Southern California Regional office of the California High-Speed Rail Authority will holding community open house meetings during the first two weeks of December in the Palmdale to Burbank section. Last August, public meetings for this section were held in Burbank and other communities. Over 950 people attended and more than 1,050 comments were received, according to Rachel Kesting, information officer for the regional office of the authority. All comments reportedly will be included in the Authority’s Scoping Report currently under final review by the agency.

The meetings are being held to provide opportunity for the public to be involved and aware of the process to bring high-speed rail to Southern California. The next meeting in Burbank will be the second Monday in December at the Buena Vista Library. That meeting will focus on new information for the set of alternatives under consideration for the Palmdale to Burbank Project Section.

Alternatives alignments between Palmdale and Burbank are through two corridor areas:

· Corridor A – along the SR14 corridor – refinements will be presented

· Corridor B – along a Utility corridor through the San Gabriel Mountains

More information about the specific changes to these corridors will be available at the community open house meetings via maps, aerial animations, and from authority staffers on hand.








Photo: Greg Reyna/ Freelancer/Media City G — A big crowd packed the high-speed rail meeting at the Buena Vista Library in Burbank August 6, 2014

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