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Photo: FLLewis / Media City G -- Christmas tree left at the curb to be picked up and recycled on West Clark Avenue in Burbank January 3, 2015

Take down and recycle that Christmas tree in Burbank

It’s time for the take down for that once fresh Christmas tree. The holidays are behind us and that Christmas tree will soon become a hazard. Last Friday, the curb side recycling of Christmas trees began in Burbank. Public Works crews will pick up the trees and recycle them. The trees may be left  in alleys as well. However, metal stands must be removed along with all decorations like tinsel, and ornaments.  No flocked trees. Also, trees can be dropped off at three Burbank parks; Verdugo Park at North California Street and West... Read More →

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Recycle Christmas trees in Burbank

Time to recycle those cut Christmas trees. By now most of those trees have lost their, ah, fresh look. You can drop your worn tree off at three Burbank parks; Verdugo Park at North California Street and West Verdugo Avenue, Ralph Foy Park in the parking lot on West Victory Boulevard, and McCambridge Park in the parking lot on Andover Drive.

Trees will be recycled by being turned into mulch. So all tinsel, ornaments, and metal stands must be removed before you drop off the tree. By the way, flocked trees cannot be accepted.

Also, details on recycling trees in the green containers and at the curb or in alleys here. You can get more information by calling (818) 238-3800.

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christmas tree clipart

Garden Guru: Christmas tree shopping and care

Shopping for a fresh cut Christmas tree should be a fun and analytical experience. The first two things to look for is (obviously) shape and gaping holes between the branches. A little bit of gap is okay, because when you hang the ornaments the weight will help bring the branches down. What about the old story about pulling the branches to see if any needles pull off? If some needles come off and are green, you’re okay. It’s when they are brown and it’s still two... Read More →

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