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Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D) 43rd District

Bill to protect victims of college violence clears state Assembly

A  state bill, which would force colleges to report certain violent crimes to local authorities, cleared an important hurdle today. The California Assembly passed AB 1433 by an overwhelming vote of 74-0. The legislation, authored by local Assemblyman Mike Gatto, would require colleges  to report attacks like sexual assaults, particularly rape, and hate crimes to police, unless the victim asked that it not be reported to authorities.  Recently several California colleges, among them USC and Occidental College, have come under scrutiny for their handling of these type of... Read More →

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Photo: -- President Obama delivers the commencement address at Barnard College in New York City May 14, 2012

Photo Gallery: President Obama offers words of inspiration to graduates at Barnard College

President Barack Obama shared some of his experience and advice with the graduates at Barnard College, a women’s liberal arts college, in New York City earlier this week during a commencement ceremony. Barnard is affiliated with Columbia University, the president’s alma mater. President Obama: “My last piece of advice — this is simple, but perhaps most important:  Persevere.  Persevere.  Nothing worthwhile is easy.  No one of achievement has avoided failure — sometimes catastrophic failures.  But they keep at it.  They learn from mistakes.  They don’t quit. You know, when I... Read More →

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Entertainment Bytes: Alec Baldwin donates $1 Million & “Avatar” tops the Box Office

Alec Baldwin bankrolls scholarship fund Actor Alec Baldwin is in the news for a couple of reasons. Baldwin is starring in a new romantic comedy film called “It’s Complicated” with Meryl Streep and Steve Martin: due to open this week, on Christmas Day. Also, Baldwin is sharing his good fortune with some drama students at New York University. Last week the university announced Baldwin had shelled out a million bucks for a scholarship fund, which will “…provide tuition assistance to students who demonstrate an unwavering work ethic, development of leadership skills, willingness to collaborate,... Read More →

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