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Burbank Police Department issue warning about new phone scam

‘Tis the season for a new scam to be making the rounds. The Burbank Police Department is sending out a warning about imposters who phone residents, pretending to be law enforcement officials, and then proceed to rip off money from the victims. Apparently it has happened several times in surrounding communities. It’s called the Moneypak Scam and this is how it works. The thieves, claiming to be from the local police department, ring up the victims and accused them of not appearing in court on a traffic... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Woman on the Chandler Bike Path in Burbank

Burbank Police issue a Chandler Bike Path warning

Late today, Burbank Police issued a warning about a predator who’s stalking women on the Chandler Bike Path. The suspect targets women — walking or jogging — during the morning hours on that path, which is a popular place for exercise enthuses.  There have been three separate incidents of women being accosted by the suspect in the past month, according to the community alert/public service message put out by the Burbank PD. The suspect reportedly f0llows his victims, attempts to strike up a conversation, makes sexual comments, and in one... Read More →

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