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Bernard Madoff: Big time swindler goes to jail

Court sketch of Bernard Madoff (middle/gray tie)  by Shirley Shepard/Reuters photo by Carolyn Cole/ Los Angeles Times   Some justice today for victims of that reported $65 billion Ponzi scheme ran by disgraced financier, Bernard Madoff. In a New York federal court this morning, the 70-year-old Madoff pleaded guilty to all 11 counts against him while many of the investors he cheated looked on. Madoff, reading from a prepared statement, apologized for what he admitted was a worldwide scheme, which started during the 1990s: “When I began the Ponzi scheme I believed... Read More →

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Prop 8 debate

California Supreme Court to rule on controversial ban on gay marriage

Barbara Davidson/Los Angeles Times   Both sides in the bitter battle over same-sex marriage have had their say before the California Supreme Court, now it’s up to the justices to rule. While lawyers presented their arguments before the high court in San Francisco yesterday,  demonstrators, for and against, rallied outside with protest signs and chants. Proposition 8, passed by 52 per cent of the voters last November,  amends the state constitution to allow marriage only between a man and a woman.  That ballot measure overturned an earlier ruling by the state supreme court... Read More →

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Grand View cemetery open today

FLLewis/ A Writer’s Groove A gravesite is adorned with flowers during a visitation this past summer at Grand View.  Grand View Memorial Park cemetery in Glendale will be open to visitors today by order of Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Anthony J. Mohr. Judge Mohr issued the order after a hearing last month. The troubled cemetery has been entangled in management and legal problems since the fall of 2005, after an investigator discovered the remains of four thousand bodies that had been mishandled. This year, Grand View has been open for a... Read More →

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A time to remember

A man pauses to reflect near a gravesite during the March 30 public visitation at struggling Grand View Memorial Park cemetery in Glendale. This visitor is one of the lucky ones. He managed to find the grave marker or at least the general area he was looking for despite the thick layers of wild grasses, weeds, and debris. I have been to two recent visitations at this 124-year-old neighborhood cemetery. Each time, I have spotted eager and diligent visitors cleaning the gravesites, markers, and headstones. A job that should be handled... Read More →

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