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Dating experiment lands couple movie and book deal!

Two New York singles who are friends with different relationship issues, tackle their problems head-on and together in a dating experiment. So for 40-days, Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman, both designers, went through the motions of a relationship and shared it online. Their blog reportedly attracted two million unique visitors. It paid off for them big time. The experiment became a hot property in Hollywood. Last month, Warner Bros. beat out all contenders to buy the movie rights to their experiment.  Now the couple... Read More →

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Los Angeles a hot city for singles looking for love

It’s been a really hot summer for Los Angeles and I’m not referring to the weather. The largest online dating site,, reports its figures show more singles than ever used its dating services to find love this summer, according to a PR Newswire press release. A pioneer in online dating, launched in 1995 and now has dating sites in 25 countries. says the number of its clients actively involved, from June -August,  in the dating scene was up 33.5% over 2009. Also, the company released its top 10  hottest... Read More →

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