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Photo Gallery: Space Shuttle makes a California landing

Photo: NASA/Tom Tschida A two week journey in space came to an end for the crew of Discovery yesterday when the space shuttle landed at Edwards Air Force Base in the California desert at 5:53 PDT. Discovery announced its arrival with two thunderous sonic booms over the Southland shortly before the picture perfect landing. During the trip, the seven member crew delivered supplies and research materials to the International Space Station. Discovery was due to land in Florida, but unstable weather conditions forced a change of plans to... Read More →

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Welcome home Atlantis!

   Photo: Carla Thomas/NASA Bad weather in Florida continued today, so the space shuttle Atlantis dropped out of the sky and landed at Edwards Air Force Base here in California at 8:39 a.m. Pacific Time. The crew of Atlantis carried out an extensive and complex upgrade of the Hubble Space Telescope during a 13-day journey. Later, Commander Scott Altman spoke for his six-member crew: “We’re all thrilled to have the mission complete and it was a testament to the teamwork and cooperation of folks all across the country.” Meanwhile, NASA is gearing up for the next mission... Read More →

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Welcome home space shuttle Endeavour

NASA TV   Strong crosswinds and thunderstorms in Florida forced a change of plans for the space shuttle landing today. So this afternoon, Endeavour returned to Earth with what NASA called a “safe and successful” landing at Edwards Air Force Base in California’s Mojave desert. Years ago, I was a TV news field producer assigned to cover the landing of a space shuttle at this base. I will never forget what an incredible sight it was to see the shuttle appear in the sky, float down, and land like a giant bird. Oh, a... Read More →

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