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Photo: FLLewis / Media City G -- The back view of a new colorful recycle bin in the parking lot of the Verdugo Park Recreation Center in Burbank September 7, 2016

New recycle containers help cut down litter in Burbank

Lately, some colorful recycle bins have been popping up around Burbank. It’s another campaign designed to encourage people to recycle and gives them some new places to dispose of bottles and cans. The campaign was launched this summer, in late July. “It was paid for with funds we had accrued through the State bottles and can program,” according to Amy Hammes over at the Burbank Recycle Center. Hammes says there are now 16 new recycle bins “… they are placed at City parks and other sites.”  Oh, and Hayes & CO Printing... Read More →

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Green tree clip art

Tree planting celebration in Burbank

Trees are as much a part of the great cityscape of Burbank as movie studios and California Bungalows. These natural wonders need to be replenished in order to continue to beautify the landscape. The city is celebrating its tree planting efforts this coming Thursday, March 26, at a Tree City USA ceremony. The event will be multi-faceted  and will recognize B-town’s  Plant-a-Tree Program donors, “Tree City USA” designation, as well as help to usher in Arbor Day next month. This is the 60th anniversary of the Plant-a-Tree Program,  which is... Read More →

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City of Burbank seal

Coyote warning in Burbank

Watch out for coyotes, especially if you live in or near the hillside area of Burbank. A community bulletin sent out by the city today and posted on its website, reminds folks that during the warm weather months — coyotes will venture down from the Verdugo Mountains into some of the local neighborhoods. They may be pests sometimes, but coyotes play an important role in the “… … ecosystem by helping to keep rodent populations under control,” according to the bulletin. So here are some precautions: Do... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Burbank then and now snapshots on side two of the centennial reusable bag

Hot collectible: Burbank centennial bag

I noticed it soon after the big party of the century to celebrate Burbank’s centennial back on July 8. Whenever I took my colorful Burbank centennial reusable bag out in public — someone would comment on it.  “What a cool bag!” is what a checker at the Trader Joe’s on East Alameda Avenue in Burbank said as she carefully arranged my groceries in that bag.  I get versions of that compliment the most. On another occasion, a Burbank shopper pointed out that she has one just like it — but is not using it– thinking... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Burbank in bloom 2011

A so-so weekend ahead — we might get rain in B-town

 If you’re planning to go outside for some exercise or garden work or whatever this weekend, best to do it on Saturday. We’ll get less sun and more patchy clouds tomorrow, and by evening a chance of that drizzle — or light rain. More drizzle , low clouds, and fog in the forecast for Sunday through Tuesday. Mild temperatures with highs in the 60s and 70s, too.  Great weather for the growing things here in the Media City.

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Sprinklers spray a lush green yard on Sunset Canyon Boulevard in Burbank March 2011

Catching up:The governor officially declares the drought over!

Last Wednesday, March 30, Governor Jerry Brown declared the state drought over, done, finished — a total wrap. After nearly three years of being in drought mode, Governor signed a proclamation ending it. Brown’s announcement followed the fourth snow survey of the season, conducted by the Department of Water Resources (DWR), which found that water content in California’s mountain snowpack is 165 percent of the April 1 full season average… according to the Governor’s website. Despite the good news, Brown urged residents to continue to conserve: ““While this season’s... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Workmen survey the damage to an apartment balcony caused by a toppled tree on Bethany Road in Burbank March 20, 2011

City Buzz

Tree talk in B-town Burbank is one of only two communities in the state designated as a Tree City USA recipient by the National Arbor Day Foundation. The other is Sacramento. It’s the 34th consecutive year Burbank has received the honor. “This national recognition acknowledges Burbank’s commitment to its community forest,” according to a news release sent out last week by City Hall. The city has proclaimed March as Arbor Month. Last Wednesday, at the Arbor Day ceremony in Miller School park a symbolic tree was planted “.. as a living testimonial of everyone’s commitment... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- A section of the tree canopy along East Alameda Avenue Burbank March 2011

Some Burbank trees in jeopardy of getting the axe

Burbank is known for its quaint neighborhoods — some with impressive tree canopies along the streets.  A tree lined street is considered a plus by many prospective home buyers. Despite the attractiveness of these large city-owned trees — some homeowners are having them chopped down to cut expenses.  Heartbreaking, but perfectly legal under certain stipulations in the Burbank Municipal Code. Earlier this year, I saw a city crew destroying a huge camphor tree on East Alameda Avenue. I asked the crew supervisor if the tree, which looked healthy, had a disease or harbored... Read More →

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Valentine’s Day: Time to show garden rose bushes some love

“Think about me on Valentine’s Day. That’s when you need to fertilize,” recommended gardening expert, Emilio Telles, during the rose care class at Armstrong Garden Center in Glendale, on Saturday, January 15, 2011.   Telles used another holiday, Halloween, as a stopping point for fertilizing rose bushes. Telles’ January class focused mostly on the pruning of rose bushes. I took Armstrong’s “Rose care for beginners,” last May and wrote about it in this blog.  So for this winter class, I was taking detailed notes on pruning because I was ready, for the first time, to cut... Read More →

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Clip art of sun turning on the heat and causing flower to wilt.

Record heat in the Southland

How hot is it? So hot that the sun loving flowers in my Burbank yard are wilting. Yesterday, the temperature climbed  to 109 degrees in the Media City. Even at 8 p.m. last night is was still 100. More triple digit heat is headed our way today. Other parts of the Southland are suffering in this heat wave, too. On Monday, the thermometer soared to 109 in Pasadena, 102 Santa Monica and 102 in West Hollywood as well. The all time record high of a 112 was shattered  in... Read More →

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City Buzz

Burbank City Council approves new budget and utility fee hikes Last night the Burbank City Council green-lighted a $785 million budget for fiscal year 2010-2011. The tally  4-to-1, with only Councilman David Gordon voting against the budget. As with past budget debates, Dr. Gordon was the lone member of the council fighting to try to “keep utility rates down.” I have watched this recent debate, week after week, and I do think the four other council members believe they are doing what is in the public interest. I disagree with them, and support Dr. Gordon’s position that... Read More →

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Summer is here!

Photo: FLLewis/ A Writer’s Groove — A man takes a late morning walk along Sunset Canyon Drive in Burbank We’re easing into summer. No blistering 100 degree plus temperatures nor scorching sun beating down on us in Media City. Yesterday, summer officially arrived. On June 21, the summer solstice — considered the longest day of 2010 — we should have been drenched in sunshine. Here in Burbank, we got some low clouds and sun rays, with only a spring-like high of 73. Photo: FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove — Roses in bloom in Burbank This morning at... Read More →

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Cloudy skies and drizzle in Burbank

Overcast skies and some freaky drizzle this morning in Burbank. The drizzle various from a fine mist to almost a light rain. There’s a chance we could get some shower activity from this weather system over the next couple of days. I got out the umbrella and a heavy sweater — because the temperature has dropped into the chilly range. At 8 a.m., it was 55 degrees in B-town. The high is expected to reach only 69. We might see the sun today, but that’s pretty iffy. Good news,... Read More →

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Quick-bits: Michael Jackson, Woody Allen, Atlantis, and catching the compost bug

Sunflowers for the King of Pop   Photo: Lisa Burks/Freelance photographer — A generous flower merchant donates hundreds of sunflowers to brighten the Glendale crypt of Michael Jackson The late King of Pop’s tomb is now filled with a huge collection of sunflowers — thanks to Jason Levin who runs a San Diego company called On Friday, May 14, Levin loaded up a truck with 15-hundred happy face sunflowers and drove to Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale to deliver the special gift.  Levin’s company is known for donating bunches of what the website calls “the happiest flower... Read More →

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City Buzz

New comedy club opening in Burbank The Burbank City Council has cleared the way for the city’s first comedy club. You would think it was a no-brainer with entertainment being the number one industry in B-town, but it wasn’t. Last night, the city council approved a business assistance loan of $190,000 for The Flappers Comedy Club and Restaurant by a 4-to-1 vote. Dr. David Gordon was the lone dissenter. The loan will be used to remodel the old Macaroni Grill site at the corner of East Magnolia Boulevard and North 1st Street, in the... Read More →

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Quick-bits: News, Sports, and Features

Catching up on some items from the past few days. Fire Service Day in Burbank Photo: FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove — Crowds turned out for the salute to Burbank Fire and Police Departments on Saturday, May 8, 2010 The streets surrounding the Burbank Police and Fire Headquarters in Downtown Burbank were blocked off for the “Fire Service Day” celebration from around 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. yesterday.  Burbank Police joined in the festivities in honor of National Police Week, which kicks-off today. I dropped by just before noon and discovered a colorful... Read More →

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Burbank City Buzz

It’s a wrap for Burbank Mayor Gary Bric Photo: FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove — Burbank Mayor Gary Bric read a statement about the lawsuits and investigations swirling around the Burbank Police Department at the September 29, 2009 city council meeting.  Mayor Gary Bric is off the hook… somewhat. Last night, Bric presided over his last Burbank City Council meeting. Over the past months, Bric has improved in his job. The soon-to-be-ex-mayor still needs work in some areas, like when it comes to handling the public comment sections of the meeting. The... Read More →

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President Obama’s Earth Day challenge

Photo: Pete Souza/White House   President Barack Obama spent part of Earth Day in Newton, Iowa touring a wind tower production facility. In his Earth Day speech, the president described a major challenge facing our nation: “Now, the choice we face is not between saving our environment and saving our economy.  The choice we face is between prosperity and decline.  We can remain the world’s leading importer of oil, or we can become the world’s leading exporter of clean energy.  We can allow climate change to wreak unnatural havoc across... Read More →

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