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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Production shoot at Tony's Bella Vista on Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank March 6, 2014

Film production up in the Media City

Film production is up in the Media City. It’s been very busy over at the Burbank Police film permit office. Norma Brolsma has been running the operation for years. “Drowning in work,” Brolsma said last Thursday in an email. She wasn’t complaining, just describing how robust the permit business is in Burbank . So far this year, 500 Burbank permits have been issued and the demand is very strong this summer. Brolsma says”… requests are mostly (for) TV, Cable Shows, Commercial(s) and 1/3 of the totals are for students.” By this... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Fake Los Angeles Police cars parked out front of the General Motors training facility/turned TV film set on Riverside Drive Burbank April 2, 2012

GM training facility turned into Hollywood film set

That controversial General Motors training facility site over on Riverside Drive in the Rancho has gone Hollywood — at  least for a few days. The production of the new CBS TV drama, “Widow Detective” is reportedly shooting there now. The cop series stars John Corbett as a lieutenant who offers his help, as a surrogate husband, lover, and father, to the families of his three deceased partners who died in the line of duty. The front of the facility has been turned into the headquarters for the fictional Los Angeles... Read More →

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