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H1N1 influenza widespread in CA, so what about those flu shots?

The State Department of Public Health is recommending all residents get a flu shot for the H1N1 virus as soon as possible. The so-called swine flu remains widespread in seven states, including California. Even though some indicators suggest H1N1 cases may be tapering off here, health officials fear another wave of the illness could hit after the first of the year. As of December 19, 2009, that agency’s data reports 449 people have died from swine flu in California. In a story on the Los Angeles Times website, the Director of the State... Read More →

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Photo Gallery: President Obama gets a flu shot

Official White House photo by Pete Souza — December 20, 2009  Like millions of Americans, President Obama rolled up his sleeve for a flu shot yesterday. The Prez did not have to stand in line at a clinic or make an appointment at a doctor’s office. Obama received the H1N1 vaccine from a White House nurse. Obama got a vaccination for the seasonal flu a few weeks ago. Actually, the entire first family, except for the dog Bo, has been immunized against both flu viruses. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in... Read More →

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News Bytes:Holiday shoppers on the prowl for bargains this weekend & Burbank flu shot shortage

     Shoppers are expected to flood stores and malls today On the last weekend before Christmas, there are predictions shoppers will get real serious about their gift buying. Retailers are hoping to be swamped by folks looking for bargains and last minute gift ideas. No matter how good the numbers are this weekend, some analysts say they won’t be good enough to boost the holiday season into the black for retailers. Also, a snowstorm may slow down shoppers back east. Locally, the forecast is for sunny skies with temperatures in the... Read More →

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First H1N1 flu related death reported in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County has its first H1N1 flu related death. Today L.A. County Health Official Dr. Jonathan Fielding announced a middle-aged woman with respiratory problems had died of the so-called swine flu last week. At this point, they don’t know how the woman contracted this new strain of the flu. Dr. Fielding says there are other cases of H1N1 in the county: “…to date we have 102 confirmed … and 19 probable cases…” A few of the victims are sick enough to be hospitalized. This type of influenza popped... Read More →

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