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Photo: FLLewis / Media City G -- Burbank Coordinating Council accepts donations of gifts and check for $3,249 from Bob Hope Airport Holiday Charity Committee in Burbank December 1, 2014 . (l-r) Janet Diel, president Burbank Coordinating Council, Sherri Himelstein, Lucy Burghdorf, Rachael Warecki

Burbank Holiday Baskets Program gets major donation

Preparations are in full swing for the annual Holiday Baskets program, which provides gifts for low-income families with children in Burbank schools. The program got a huge boost from the Bob Hope Airport Holiday Charity Committee at the Burbank Coordinating Council December first meeting last Monday. Several members of the committee, Sherri Himelstein, Lucy Burghdorf,  and Rachael Warecki, showed up to donate gifts and a check for $3, 249. Burbank Coordinating Council is continuing a tradition that has been going strong for 60 years. The council  partners with organizations, churches, and... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Volunteers sorted and organized donations from a food drive for the Christmas Basket Program at the Little White Chapel Christian Church 1711 Avon Street Burbank December 8, 2012

Burbank Holiday Basket Program needs money and volunteers

The Holiday Basket Program is kicking into high gear with deliveries planned for this Saturday. The program provides Christmas gifts and cheer for hundreds of Burbank families who would otherwise have a very grim or sparse holiday.  Last year, over 500 families, including 1400 children, received a Holiday Basket  filled with gifts and food. This past weekend, a citywide food drive was conducted for the program. There is a critical need for money and volunteers. On Monday, December 10, I did an email Q&A with Janet Diel, long time Burbank... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G --

Holiday Highlights: Holiday Basket Program

More than 555 Burbank families are enjoying some holiday cheer, thanks  to this year’s very successful Holiday Basket Program sponsored by the Burbank Coordinating Council. The deliveries, by volunteers, began officially on December 17 and were completed a few days ago. Four hundred of the families were adopted by local Churches, school PTAs, service organizations, studios, businesses, individuals, and city offices ..” according to the Holiday Basket Committee co-chair, Janet Diel.   The  holiday baskets, boxes, and over-sized bags were stuffed with donated new clothes, games, toys, food, gift cards, movie DVDs and much more.  Each... Read More →

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