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Big day in Hollywood

The Primetime TV Emmy nominations were announced this morning. The biggest surprise — a very impressive showing by basic cable programmers. In fact, the HBO presidential series, “John Adams” received the most nominations of any program with 23. Also, up for best drama series two first-year cable shows AMC’s “Mad Men,” and FX’s “Damages.” This is the first time cable has cracked the drama series category. “Mad Men” collected the most nominations of any drama with 16. “Damages” earned seven nominations including best actress for Glenn Close. A... Read More →

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New anti-smoking campaign for some Hollywood movies

Movies aimed at the younger generation will soon carry anti-smoking public service announcements when they are released on DVD. The Los Angeles-based Entertainment Industry Foundation announced a new initiative to include the special PSAs on movies that have scenes of tobacco use and are rated G, PG, and PG-13. The PSAs will appear in the opening minutes of all new youth-friendly films released by Paramount, Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, the Walt Disney Company, and Warner Bros. At the end of each thirty second anti-smoking PSA there will... Read More →

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“Marley & Me” author writes memoir

Author of the bestselling “Marley & Me” John Grogan’s new memoir, “The Longest Trip Home”, has been announced for publication on October 21 by William Morrow. “From his troublemaking childhood to his courtship of a fiery blond named Jenny, Grogan writes about how he came to terms with who he is and what he believes.” It’s called the “story of a son in the making, and of growing up in a loving, but comically old-school Catholic family.” The film version of “Marley & Me” starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson... Read More →

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Big Hollywood Screenplay Money

Big Hollywood Screenplay Money Rogue Pictures reportedly shells out seven figures for writer Ehren Kruger’s script, “The Keep.” The screenplay is an adaptation of the Jennifer Egan novel of the same name. The thriller is about a mysterious prisoner who seduces a local woman with his tale of a supernatural secret that can transform her life. Kruger is in demand. He wrote “The Ring,” “The Ring Two,” and the recent sequel to the mega-hit “Transformers” among other movie scripts. See

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