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Photo courtesy Jesse "Tangk" Tangkhpanya

Guest Blogger: State budget and Burbank schools

Great news for Burbank Schools: Each year Governor Brown has a May Revision Budget, which is an update to the budget he puts out in January.  The May revision reflects Brown’s adjustments (and the political/fiscal realities that come with it) to the state’s current financial position. What does that mean for the Burbank community? Opportunity. Generally speaking, there’s more than $6.5 billion increase to the state’s General Fund from January’s proposal. It’s widely accepted that much of this surplus came from Proposition 30, the legislature’s unusual fiscal restraint, and a... Read More →

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Photo courtesy Jesse "Tangk" Tangkhpanya

Candidate Jesse Tangk shares ideas for improving Burbank schools

Jesse “Tangk” Tangkhpanya is a newcomer to city politics with a very aggressive campaign. Since announcing his candidacy for the Burbank School Board last November, Tangk has sent out numerous news releases, set up a camapaign website and Facebook page, and produced several videos (see below). In a matter of a few weeks, the 29 year-old labor representative has gained some awareness among the voters for the upcoming primary on February 24. Becky Moore, the parent of a student who attended Burbank schools, wrote... Read More →

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Jesse Tangkhpanya candidate for Burbank School Board

Another Burbank School Board candidate kicks off campaign

Labor relations representative, Jesse Tangkhpanya, is not well known around Burbank, but he’s taking action to try to quickly change that. Media City Groove was the first to report that Tangkhpanya pulled nomination papers last week for the Burbank School Board. Three seats on that board will be on the February 24, 2015 Burbank Primary Election mail-in ballot. Tangkhpanya sent out a letter  to the local media announcing his candidacy earlier this week. Tangkhpanya, who has lived in Burbank only since early 2012, doesn’t have the kind... Read More →

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