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Craig Ferguson steps down as host of “The Late Late Show”

Another big change is coming to late night TV. After  nearly 10 years, Craig Ferguson is stepping down as host of “The Late Late Show.” Ferguson announced today he will bid farewell to that hosting gig in December, according to The Hollywood Reporter. For some time, rumors have been swirling around about CBS plans to make changes on the late night talker. So now the chatter begins again over who would be the right choice to join the late night hosting ranks. A lot of... Read More →

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UPDATED:”Tonight Show” promo trailer for new host Jimmy Fallon

The new year kicked off with a reminder that Jay Leno’s days as host of  the “Tonight Show” are number. Does Leno have another job lined up? If the veteran host has made some future plans he’s not made them public. A lot of talk about the problem Leno could pose for NBC if he takes a gig to create a show to challenge the “Tonight Show.” Meanwhile, over the weekend, NBC released a promotion trailer for the new host Jimmy Fallon. It includes video clips... Read More →

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