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AT&T apologizes to Burbank customers for phone issue

AT&T has apologized to Burbank customers for a phone issue last week, which prompted an unusual advisory from the Burbank Police Department last Thursday: “AT&T has notified BPD that callers to 911 from 847 and 565 phone number prefixes may not reach police or fire due to damaged underground phone lines. In Burbank, call 818 238 3000 for police and 818 956-4800 for paramedic/fire services. Please contact AT&T directly with questions about the cause and duration of this issue.” The problem apparently lasted for a couple of... Read More →

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New dialing rules take effect tomorrow in the 818 area code

No matter what type of phone you have, retro or high tech or somewhere in between, you’ll have to practice a new dialing procedure starting tomorrow, if you live in the land of the 818 area code, the San Fernando Valley. On Saturday, April 18, callers in that valley will have to dial a 1 plus the 10 digit number. Sigh, just one more thing to remember. The reason for the change is the supply of 818 numbers is running out due to high demand. So last April, the California... Read More →

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