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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Disney Studios in Burbank

Protesters arrested at the Walt Disney lot in Burbank

Two protesters, dressed as Minnie and Mickey Mouse, chained themselves to a gate at the Walt Disney Studios today, according to the Los Angeles Times. The costumed activists reportedly were protesting because of a fiber in Disney’s children’s books, which they say is from endangered Indonesian rain forests. Updated: 2:15 p.m. A short while ago, Burbank Police sent out a press release about the incident saying four demonstrators were arrested at Disney this morning.  The cops arrived at the entertainment company on south Buena Vista Boulevard around 7 a.m. The police along with... Read More →

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Book Cover of "One for the Money Book" by Janet Evanovich

Best selling author looking for a few good co-authors

Publishing superstar, Janet Evanovich, has made a bundle off  of her popular Stephanie Plum mysteries, and is now out to  hook up with some fresh talented co-authors. Number 17 in the Plum series titled, “Smokin’ Seventeen,” is due out next year. The wacky world of former lingerie buyer turned bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum, is headed to the big screen as well. Katherine Heigl reportedly has signed on to play Stephanie in the movie version of the first book, “One for the Money.” Evanovich has written more than 40 books. Recently, she landed a huge... Read More →

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Photo of woman typing at laptop keyboard

So You Think You Can Write: Harlequin’s new search for authors

The world’s leading publisher of women’s fiction, especially romance, says it’s “hungry to find talented new writers for Harlequin Books” In a PR Newswire release,  Harlequin announced it’s hosting a five day “So You Think You Can Write” event starting next Monday, November first, to “discover aspiring new authors.” Harlequin Enterprises Limited produces books for women at the rate of over 110 titles per month. It publishes more than 1,100 authors from around the world.  Also, Harlequin books are sold in 115 international markets and in 32 languages. Harlequin... Read More →

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Hollywood’s most overpaid stars

Some surprises on the annual list of the most overpaid Hollywood stars by Forbes magazine. It wasn’t just about the fat paychecks with all those zeros. Some actors aren’t generating a good return at the Box Office, according to Forbes. In the number one spot on the magazine’s list, comic/actor Will Ferrell. Funny guys Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey and actor Tom Cruise made the top 10 as well. However, the shockers for me were Drew Barrymore and Ice Cube! Here’s the story on how Forbes decided who is worth the big bucks... Read More →

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JOHNNY DEPP photo | Johnny Depp

The Sexiest Man Alive

Photo of Johnny Depp —Paul Treadway/Matrix/People Magazine Actor Johnny Depp is 46-years-old. No matter. Today People Magazine handed Depp his second “Sexiest Man Alive” title, beating out hot younger hunks and fellow thespians Ryan Reynolds and Robert Pattinson. Depp won the title the first time around in 2003. It’s nice to see a celebrity, who’s nearly 50, getting props for aging gracefully and not trying to look 25. Also, I love his I-don’t-care-what-the-fashion-police-say style that includes showing up at events wearing some pretty funky outfits and hair that always seems in... Read More →

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Business, Publishing, Entertainment & Internet News Bytes

 BERNIE MAKES A BUNDLE FOR HIS VICTIMS Bernie Madoff is behind bars, but the big-time crook managed to generate a lot of dough for the victims of his Ponzi scheme, yesterday. In New York, personal property authorities confiscated from Madoff and his wife went on the auction block. Bidders shelled out major bucks for things like Madoff’s Rolex watches and New York Mets baseball jacket and his wife’s diamonds and furs. Nice story and photos of some of the items here.  CALLING ALL AUTHORS: MAJOR PUBLISHER LOOKING FOR NEW SUBMISSIONS Publishing giant Harlequin has launched a new venture called Carina Press. It’s a digital-only... Read More →

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More Sarah books to hit the market

                             The small publisher of the only biography out of GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been overwhelmed by the demand for the book. “Sarah: How A Hockey Mom Turned Alaska’s Political Establishment Upside Down” was first released in April with a slightly different title.  It didn’t start flying off bookstore shelves until GOP presidential candidate John McCain announced he had picked Palin as his running mate on August 29. In the days that followed, Epicenter Press valiantly tried to keep pace with the demand. Epicenter has shipped around 60,000 copies of... Read More →

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Book Bytes–Sarah, Leah, and Boys Night Out

Big Buzz on Sarah Palin book The new Republican V.P. nominee, Sarah Palin, has a book out and it’s a hot bestseller on Barnes & and Amazon. “Sarah: How a Small Town Girl Turned Alaska’s Political Establishment on Its Ear” has been out a while. The biography was first published in April of 2008, before Palin’s recent problems were disclosed in the national media. Last Saturday, “Sarah” ranked number eight on the Barnes & bestsellers list. By Sunday evening, it had jumped to number five. Then on Labor Day Monday, the highest ranking... Read More →

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Book Bytes

How to Shop for a Husband. Today Show consumer correspondent Janice Lieberman has a new book deal. Lieberman, writing with Bonnie Teller, will show how techniques used by consumer experts can help you close a deal on a mate. St. Martin’s Press bought world rights to “How to Shop for a Husband” and plans to release the book next spring. Lieberman is the co-author of  “Tricks of the Trade.” She wrote this consumer survival guide with producer/director Jason Raff, who at one time worked with Lieberman on consumer investigations for Today. From Read More →

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Stephen King to judge book trailer contest

Calling all amateur and professional filmmakers! Dorchester Publishing and book trailer producer Circle of Seven Productions are looking for some top-notch book trailers based on novels in the Shomi series. The book series is Dorchester’s line of speculative romances. According to Dorchester executive Brooke Borneman, the Shomi books have received comparisons to films like “Blade Runner” and “The Matrix.” Best-selling novelist Stephen King has agreed to select the best trailer, which will be shown at a movie premiere in New York as well as in the market... Read More →

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Screenwriter starts successful Los Angeles based publishing company

Debbie Bishop launched Angel Gate in 2003 and it’s a hit. So far, the publishing company has released novels, graphic novels, YA fiction, children’s books, and cookbooks. Among her publishing successes; a children’s picture book series called “This One ‘n’ That One” written by actress Jane Seymour. Bishop is a screenwriter, producer, novelist, and graphic designer. She is developing films based on Angel Gate books through another of her companies, Left Field Films. Bishop says her goal is to “… to publish fun entertainment for the whole family.” See full... Read More →

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