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Photo: FLLewis / Media City G -- Los Angeles Times editorial about presidential candidate/billionaire Donald Trump March 3, 2016

Los Angeles Times says Trump unfit to be president

Billionaire-turned-reality-TV-star-now-presidential-candidate, Donald Trump, was slammed really hard today by the Los Angeles Times. In a scathing editorial the paper called Trump “not fit to be president of the United States.” Despite leading the pack of GOP presidential contenders by a sizable margin in the delegate count the Times has this searing assessment of the billionaire: “The reality is that Trump has no experience whatsoever in government, interacting with the machinery of state only as a supplicant. He has shamefully little knowledge of the issues facing the country and the... Read More →

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Republicans go after CNN and NBC over Hillary Clinton projects

  The 2016 presidential race is still several years off, but there is already controversy swirling around one potential candidate and the GOP. Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, hasn’t officially announced  another run for president, but some Republican Party leaders are so fearful of her candidacy they’re threatening two networks who are developing projects about the ex-First Lady. Yesterday a Republican National Committee unanimously passed a resolution quote “… preventing the committee from partnering with CNN and NBC for debates if they don’t drop their Hillary Clinton productions ahead... Read More →

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Photo: Pete Souza/White House -- President Obama spoke to reporters during a news conference at the White House November 3, 2010

What’s next? President Obama talks about last night’s election returns

Reflecting on the returns from yesterday’s mid-term election, President Barack Obama admitted today that he received a  “shellacking” from the voters. At a White House news conference, the president blamed the sluggish economy for voter dissatisfaction and frustration, which resulted in the Republicans gaining a majority in the House and whittling down the Democratic majority in the Senate. Also, the president says he takes responsibility for Tuesday’s disappointing election results: “After what I’m sure was a long night for a lot of you — and needless to say it was for me... Read More →

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President Obama’s State of the Union Address:”We don’t quit”

White House photo: Pete Souza — President Obama delivers the State of the Union Address 01/27/10 More jobs and pumping up the weak economy were major themes in President Obama’s first State of the Union speech delivered before a joint session of Congress last night. And that’s the way it should be. The country, and especially the backbone of the our society — middle class folks — are still struggling under the weight of this recession. ” For these Americans and so many others, change has not come fast enough.  Some... Read More →

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Obama gets help from Californians in the battle for Nevada

Over the weekend, Barack Obama and John McCain campaigns blitzed Nevada fighting for those undecided voters. Many of the political analysts have slotted Nevada in the column of swing states– those still up for grabs in this heated presidential race. For weeks now the Obama camp has been targeting Nevada. Some of the recent Obama e-mails I have received included urgent requests for California supporters to volunteer to go to Nevada to help get out the vote. No one is saying how many Obama folks from the Golden State have made the dash to... Read More →

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Obama winning presidential cookie poll

  Illinois Senator Barack Obama is not only the front runner in the major political polls, but he’s also          outselling his opponent, Arizona Senator John McCain, in a local presidential cookie poll. Super popular Porto’s Bakery & Cafe At Magnolia Boulevard and Hollywood Way in Burbank has been offering John McCain and Barack Obama cookies for several weeks. I dropped by the Cuban-style bakery on Thursday, October 23 and discovered the presidential cookie poll was well underway. Friendly counter staff members “Robert” and “Jasmine ” told me they were delighted with the... Read More →

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Political yard signs; the good and the bad

  FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove – Burbank The closer it gets to Election Day the more political yard signs I see in my Burbank neighborhood. The most popular are those for the presidential candidates. Barack Obama signs started popping up first, more than a month ago. Lately, the folks backing the John McCain/Sarah Palin ticket have put out yard signs to show their support. Now, that’s all good. Janet Reynolds speaks to a gathering on August 28, 2008; the night Senator Barack Obama accepted the Democratic... Read More →

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Seriously, Joe the Plumber digs the spotlight

  “I’m a plumber… just a plumber,” that’s how Joe Wurzelbacher described himself when he lashed out at the media for scrutinizing his opinions and personal life, last weekend. Yeah, Joe is that guy.  Joe the Plumber. The Joe that Republican presidential candidate John McCain mentioned repeatedly in the third and final presidential debate. In fact, McCain referred to Wurzelbacher as “my buddy, Joe.” Wurzelbacher was thrust into the public arena after having a brief chat with Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama back on October 12. During the encounter, Wurzelbacher complained about Obama’s tax plan, which he... Read More →

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Sarah Palin’s fashion controversy

Sarah Palin shows off her fashion style at the Republican National Convention last month. I’ve never been impressed with the political babble of Republican V.P. candidate, Sarah Palin. I don’t buy into the Alaska governor’s boast that one of her qualifications for the second most powerful position in the nation is that she’s “a hockey mom.”  However, Palin gets the props and kudos from me for her campaign fashion style. I love the tailored jackets and skirts with just the right amount of flair; and the cool eyewear. Now, it turns out that while Palin... Read More →

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Real life election scandal headed to the Big Screen

  Convicted Ex-GOP political consultant  Allen Raymond, with the help of co-writer Ian Spiegelman, described the dirty campaign tricks that caused his downfall in his memoir, “How to Rig an Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative.” Fox Searchlight reportedly has picked up a movie project based on Raymond’s story, which was back in the news this week. Raymond was convicted of orchestrating a phone-jamming scheme that targeted the Democratic Party headquarters in New Hampshire during a tight 2002 Senate election. Republican Representative John Sununu won the senate seat over Democratic Governor Jeanne Shaheen. Right now,... Read More →

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The final Obama/McCain showdown packs a punch

The formal greetings were barely over at the third presidential debate, before Republican candidate Senator John McCain went on the attack, throwing verbal punches, jabs, and a few low blows at his front-running opponent, Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama. The final presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York had the most drama and the most clashes between the candidates. McCain was aggressive, sarcastic, and determined. Again, Obama remained calm, focused, and articulate to the finish. Moderator Bob Schieffer asked questions about domestic issues and made a serious effort to keep the candidates on topic.... Read More →

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Obama heads into the final debate as the front runner

  Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama has a sizable lead in two major polls over his Republican challenger Senator John McCain. The Obama camp is probably cheering that good news, but it would be unwise for them to throttle back on their efforts. Clearly Senator McCain is the underdog, but I’ve seen too many come from behind victories to count him out. Nevertheless, the poll numbers are impressive. In the latest Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll, Obama has increased his lead over McCain, 50 percent to 41 percent, among voters likely to cast... Read More →

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Did McCain make a gaffe in 2nd debate?

Google image It is no secret that Republican presidential Senator John McCain needed to make a strong showing at last Tuesday’s debate in Nashville. During the town-hall style gathering, McCain worked hard to get his views across and to try to cast doubt on Senator Barack Obama’s ability to lead. In pursuit of those goals, did McCain trip himself up? Yesterday, a reader left a comment on my post, “Who won the 2nd debate?” suggesting McCain did indeed make a blunder. The reader points to McCain’s response to a question from moderator Tom... Read More →

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Sarah Palin, community organizers, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Looking back on the historic events of the past week, GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech before the Republican National Convention stands out. The Alaskan governor was in full blown attack mode throughout the speech. The RNC loved it: the delegates broke out in applause and cheers numerous times during Palin’s speech. In the days since, Palin’s speech has been praised as one of the highlights of the convention. Many of the zingers and jabs thrown at the Democrats by Palin are being repeated over and over again. One that the Republicans... Read More →

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Demand for the Sarah Book grows

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has captured the interest of the country and it’s sending the book sales of her biography through the roof. A little publisher in Washington state, Epicenter Press, has rushed to print more than 75, 000 copies of “Sarah: How a Hockey Mom Turned Alaska’s Political Establishment Upside Down.” And the publisher may need to go to press again because the orders for the book are nearing 100,000, according to Publishers Weekly. The book, by Kaylene Johnson, first hit bookstore shelves last... Read More →

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John McCain fires up the Republicans

Google Image GOP presidential candidate Senator John McCain gave a powerful and patriotic acceptance speech last night at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. Unlike his V.P. choice Sarah Palin, McCain’s speech was not riddled with sarcasm and mean-spirited attacks on the Democrats.   In fact, Senator McCain gave a nod of respect to the Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama for his achievements and then stated”… We’re going to win this election.” McCain went on to present his policies and ideas to create real change in America. As he... Read More →

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Sarah Palin comes out fighting

  photo by Mary Knox Merrill/Christian Science Monitor A lot of discussion today about GOP V.P. candidate Sarah Palin’s speech last night before the Republican National Convention and a nationwide audience. I listened to the speech on KNX 1070 newsradio. Palin was plain spoken and direct. She spent little time talking about policy and issues. Nevertheless, she left an impression: positive for some, negative for others. Most of Palin’s 40 minute speech was allocated to introducing herself and family members, praising GOP presidential candidate John McCain’s leadership and military record; while throwing verbal jabs at the media and the Democratic ticket, particularly Senator... Read More →

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Sarah Palin’s bio gets a title change

While the GOP V.P. nominee’s public profile continues to change with every new revelation, you would think there would be some stability in her published book bio.  Nope, not the case. When it was released in April of 2008, the book by Kaylene Johnson was called, “Sarah: How a Small Town Girl Turned Alaska’s Political Establishement on Its Ear.”   Barnes & is still advertising the hardcover, which was ranked at 15 last night, for sale under the old title. The paperback edition was at number 52 and it carries the new title, “Sarah: How... Read More →

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Book Bytes–Sarah, Leah, and Boys Night Out

Big Buzz on Sarah Palin book The new Republican V.P. nominee, Sarah Palin, has a book out and it’s a hot bestseller on Barnes & and Amazon. “Sarah: How a Small Town Girl Turned Alaska’s Political Establishment on Its Ear” has been out a while. The biography was first published in April of 2008, before Palin’s recent problems were disclosed in the national media. Last Saturday, “Sarah” ranked number eight on the Barnes & bestsellers list. By Sunday evening, it had jumped to number five. Then on Labor Day Monday, the highest ranking... Read More →

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John McCain’s surprise choice

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain made a bold move that demonstrated the changing times. Today, Senator McCain announced the selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential pick. At a rally in Dayton, Ohio, McCain introduced Palin, a relatively unknown politician, as the running mate who will “… help me shake up Washington.”   Before becoming governor of Alaska in 2006, Palin served as a mayor and council member of a small town in that state. She is 44, married, the mother of five children... Read More →

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Political drama from Denver to Beverly Hills

Thousands of Democrats are in Denver today for the opening of their four day convention at the downtown Pepsi Center. Closer to home, another political drama is set to play out in Beverly Hills this evening.  The presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Senator John McCain and his wife Cindy will be special guests at a star-studded fundraiser at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard.  According to  The Washington Times and Variety, show biz conservatives like Angie Harmon, David Zucker, Jon Cryer, Craig T. Nelson, Jon Voight, and Robert Duvall are among those planning to... Read More →

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Obama & McCain together in the Southland this weekend

                                                    Days before the Democratic and Republican Conventions kick-off, the presumed presidential candidate for each party is headed to Southern California. Senators Barack Obama and John McCain will make their first joint appearance of the 2008 campaign at the Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, located about 50 miles south of Burbank in Orange County. The moderator for the event and friend of both candidates is pastor, philanthropist, and author, Dr. Rick Warren. His book, “The Purpose Driven Life” has sold 30 million copies. The follow-up “The Purpose Driven Church”... Read More →

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