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City Buzz: L.A. takes action to stop runaway production. What about Burbank?

Los Angeles has taken an important step in putting the brakes on runaway production. Will Burbank be next? Yesterday, Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, signed a city ordinance to waive fees for pilot productions in L.A. In a way, this is a no brainer, but it has been a long time in coming for the City of Angels. Garcetti wrote the legislation back when he was a city council member. Garcetti recognized then, the importance of keeping entertainment jobs in the Southland. Here’s what the L.A. mayor says about... Read More →

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A Strong View: Stop runaway production

  If you are at all familiar with the motion picture industry no doubt you know about runaway production. Entertainment is big business here in Southern California and especially in Burbank. The major and independent studios probably do their best to employ locally. Yet, here in a time of economic deficiencies in the job market; the powers that be, whoever they may be, in charge of permits and rules governing what can be done where — are running productions out of town. Many studios, because of... Read More →

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More runaway production: “Iron Man 3” to film out of state

Another major movie production is saying “adios” to Southern California. Marvel Studios reportedly has agreed to shoot “Iron Man 3” in North Carolina due,mainly to the state’s 25 percent  production tax credit, according to The first two installments of the Iron Man franchise made over a billion dollars worldwide. Both were shot in Los Angeles. The “Iron Man 3”  production will be heading to Wilmington after the first of the year — taking with it hundreds of valuable  jobs.  A serious bummer for tons of  job hungry  movie production workers... Read More →

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