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City of Burbank seal

City of Burbank offering free sandbags

A major storm is set to dump a lot of rain on the Southland today and tomorrow. The chance of rain in Burbank is 100 percent on Tuesday. The weather watchers say we could get 1 to 2 inches of rain. That kind of heavy rainfall could produce flash flooding. So the City of Burbank is offering free sandbags to residents and local businesses. The Public Works Department is providing the sandbags. Initially, residents can get up to 25 sandbags — but can request more if... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/MediaCityG -- Cloudy skies over Burbank Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cloudy skies and sunshine in Burbank today, but rain is coming

Sunshine off and on in Burbank today, where it has been mostly cloudy skies and cool temperatures. The high is expected to reach only into the mid-60s. Weather watchers say a couple of winter storms are approaching the Southland and the raindrops are expected to start falling some time this evening. The storms are expected to deliver a one-two-punch to the Southland, with the second on Friday predicted to be a serious soaker. They saying these storms could produce some of the heaviest rains in three years! There is concern... Read More →

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clip art of rain drops falling from a blue/black cloud

City of Burbank offering sandbags

It’s a rainy Monday in Burbank and more showers, with the possibility of some hail, in the forecast through the evening and tonight. Also, this is a cold storm with the high in B-town only expected to reach into the 50s. And there’s a chance of another wet system later on in the week. All this stormy weather prompted Burbank officials to put out an announcement this afternoon about free sandbags for residents and businesses. The sandbags are available empty or filled — 25 per person. Proof of business or residency required.... Read More →

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