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Cloud blowing strong winds clip art

Strong winds howling through Burbank

Strong cold winds are howling through Burbank right now. A wind advisory is in effect for Los Angeles County for 15-to-25 MPH winds with some gusts up to 50 MPH until tomorrow morning at  6.a.m. Burbank is definitely being wind-whipped this afternoon.  The temperature is dropping as well. The high today only in the low 60s — tonight, it will get down into the mid-40s. Yeah, it feels like winter again.

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Actor Robert Pattinson sells Los Feliz home

Around the Southland: Actor Robert Pattinson sells Los Feliz love nest

Actor Robert Pattinson has sold his Los Feliz hacienda-style home for $6.375 million. The deal closed yesterday, according to the Forbes website. The architecturally significant property reportedly sits on a terraced 1.5 acre lot with extensive gardens, lagoon pool, and spectacular city views. The home is one of the first to be built in the Los Feliz hills. Pattinson bought the mansion from  basketball legend, Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, back in September of 2011. The actor nested there with his “Twilight” co-star and lady-love, Kristen Stewart, until she got... Read More →

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A winter heat wave: 88 in Burbank!

  The calendar says January, but it feels like July in Burbank! At 2 p.m. the mercury hit 88  in B-town and could go even hotter before the sunset. More 80 degree temps expected through the end of the week in the Media City. We’re in the middle of winter but Southland is sizzling like it’s summertime. Along with that we have red flag warnings , which means high fire danger, and an advisory of high gusty winds through tomorrow evening.

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- A long line of job seekers in front of IATSE Local 33 in Burbank November 16, 2013

More than a hundred job seekers lined up in Burbank for entertainment jobs

The temperatures in the low 60s, the skies cloudy, and a threat of rain hung in the air, but still they came to a union office in Burbank this morning. Shortly before the interviews began at IATSE Local 33, 1720 West Magnolia Boulevard, the line of job seekers stretched around the block. By 9 a.m., more than 160 applications had been handed out to folks hoping to get on the union’s referral list for skilled technicians to work stage and television production jobs. The first person in line, Joey Barreto,... Read More →

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Photo: Pete Souza/White House -- President Barack Obama in the Oval Office August 1, 2013

President Obama is coming to town

President Obama will be leaving the White House tomorrow and heading west with a stopover in the Southland. The president’s schedule reportedly will include an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” That may mean some traffic issues here in Burbank, particularly near the Burbank Studios at 3000 West Alameda Avenue, where the “Tonight Show” tapes. Obama is due to arrive at LAX at around 3:30 p.m. tomorrow, according to the LAobserved website. More details to come.

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the logo for the Los Angeles Lakers

Talk of the Town: Dwight Howard turns his back on the Lakers

After one season of less than dazzling play center, Dwight Howard, is saying bye-bye to the Lakers and its fans. For weeks, there has been a lot of chatter about Howard and what he might do once he became a free agent on July first. Would he re-sign with the Lakers or go elsewhere? Last night, it became official:  Howard was blowing off some heavy recruitment by Kobe and the Laker management and headed to another NBA Team. Apparently, the Lakers were outmaneuvered by the... Read More →

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weather graphic with sun, clouds, and rain

Weather change: Overcast skies and a chance of rain

  A change in the weather for Burbank and much of the Southland today. Sure there will be sunshine, but cloudy skies and cooler temps as well. In fact, there’s a 20 per cent chance isolated storms in the Media City. The high in B-town today– somewhere in the low 80s. Definitely better than the scorching triple digits of the recent heat wave. However there are reports, the extreme heat could be back by early next week.

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Patriotic sun clip art

Temperatures heating up in Burbank and the rest of the Southland

  It looks like the Southland is heading into the first heat wave of the summer.  Some parts of the valley could get up into the triple digits over the next few days. Burbank is already sizzling. Today at 12:30 p.m. the high was 87 in the Media City and felt even warmer. B-town can expect highs in at least the 90s tomorrow through Monday. There will be plenty of sunshine go along with the hot temperatures. Yeah, summer is here.

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“Looking for love” contest: Win book contract, $10,000, and maybe get movie deal

  There are tons of talented writers in the Southland, especially here in the Media City, with all kinds of stories to tell. One of them could have just what Quirk Books is searching for through its “Looking for love” contest. Quirk is not on the prowl for the typical love story. This company likes to publish offbeat books like “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” which became a New York Times bestseller and is in development to become a movie. Another Quirk book, “Miss Peregrine’s Home... Read More →

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UPDATED: Aftermath of deadly shooting spree in Santa Monica

  UPDATED: Sunday, June 9, 2013 3:38 p.m.  A fifth shooting spree victim has died bringing the total to six dead. Details here.   The FBI has joined the investigation into that deadly shooting rampage in the Southland coastal community of Santa Monica yesterday. Five people were killed including the alleged gunman, who apparently died as the result of a shootout with law enforcement on the Santa Monica College campus. The Los Angeles Times has more details on the shooting spree as well as the... Read More →

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man bundled up for cold weather clip art

Wow! It’s really cold outside in Burbank

  You’ve gotta bundle up to go outside in Burbank. An arctic blast of cold air is making it feel like we’re in Burbank, Illinois. Where did our relatively mild SoCal winter weather go and more importantly, when is it coming back? The lows dipped into the 30s this morning and the high is only expected to reach the mid 50s in the Media City today. The Southland has been suffering with this kind of frigid weather for the past few days — and there doesn’t... Read More →

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cold snap graphic

First day of winter in Burbank

A cold snap in the Southland has produced some bone-chilling temperatures in Burbank this week. The cold weather is expected to continue through the weekend with rain likely, beginning tomorrow. The low this morning dipped into the 30s and the high should reach around 66 on this first day of winter. That’s a few degrees warmer than yesterday’s high of only 63. So bundle up and keep shopping if you’re still on the gift hunt — Christmas is less than a week away.

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weather graphic with sun, clouds, and rain

Burbank weather: cloudy, cold, and rain possible

It’s beginning to look a lot like and feel like a Southland Christmas season. Another storm is headed our way with rain possible tonight and over the weekend. And it’s cold outside. We may get some sun today, but expect mostly cloudy skies. The  high today in Burbank in the upper 50s. Temperatures will warm up a bit over the weekend, but not much. So keep the coat, gloves, and umbrella handy.

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clip art of red umbrella with raindrops

More rain in the forecast this weekend for the Media City

  Keep that umbrella handy, showers are expected this morning and throughout the afternoon. A weather system is drifting down from up north  — bringing rain, cloudy skies, and cool temperatures. The high today is expected to reach only the mid-60s. The storm may clear out by Sunday — but expect more cloudy skies and chilly temps. In truth Southland style, a warming trend is in the forecast for Thanksgiving week. Gobble, gobble, gobble.

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Garden Guru Emilio "Elmo" Telles at the Armstrong

Garden Guru: Fall planting from seeds in the Southland

Now’s the time to get those winter veggies ready to start! I have people coming in wanting to buy pepper and tomato seeds and I immediately show them what they should be planting now. Here in SoCal we have mild enough”winters” to start our cool season seeds this early. Green and root vegetables will do fine in our winters. Here are some seeds to start now. Remember the hot days might be a risk for starter plants (cool season) you’ll find growing at your nursery. That is kinda risky with the... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Mildred Lee, 91, watched Endeavour's journey end in the Southland on television while getting her hair done at Hair Production in Inglewood September 21, 2012

Endeavour flyovers: My reaction and that of a 91-year-old retiree

After a grand tour of the Golden State, Endeavour is spending its first night in the Southland. Yesterday, the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft gave Endeavour a piggyback ride from Houston to Edwards Air Force Base in the high desert. Shortly after eight this morning, the modified Boeing 747 airliner took to the skies again with the proud orbiter mounted on its back. Endeavour flew over Sacramento, San Francisco and parts of the Bay Area before heading south. I knew it would fly over a number of Southland places like The Getty... Read More →

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Photo courtesy NASA -- A Shuttle carrier aircraft with Endeavour mounted on top took off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida today September 19, 2012

Endeavour headed to Southland

After several weather delays, Endeavour is finally headed to the Southland. A shuttle carrier aircraft, a modified 747, took off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida with Endeavour secured to its top. The SCA landed at Ellington Field in Houston this morning and will remain there overnight. Endeavour will be on display there until 9 p.m. this evening. Tomorrow at dawn, Endeavour is expected to continue it’s piggyback ride across the country. Endeavour is scheduled to land at LAX sometime before noon this Friday. In October, Endeavour will be moved... Read More →

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sun and palm tree clip art

Another triple digit day in Burbank!

Another scorcher in the Media City. The temperature leaped the 100 degree mark early this afternoon. At 2 p.m. it was 102!  The humidity is down — we’re back to the traditional dry heat of a Southland summer. A hot weekend is ahead for Burbank — so be sure to wear protection when you’re outside: a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

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man sweating in hot weather clip art

We need a break from the hot, humid weather in the Media City

I don’t know where this long stretch of hot and humid weather is coming from, but I sure wish it would go back. I have lost count of the number of days this miserable weather has blanketed Burbank.  Hot and dry — we’re use to that — but this sticky, stuffy air is more like the East Coast than the West Coast. The high today has topped 90 in B-town. The humidity soared to over 60% this morning — now it’s back down into the 40s.... Read More →

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