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The rain is baaack!!

The Southland is getting drenched by a new storm tonight, possibly the first of two to roll through our area over the next few days. Weather observers are predicting 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch of precipitation from this first storm. Raindrops began falling at around 9 p.m. tonight in Burbank. We’re supposed to get periods of heavy rain in the early morning hours. This storm system is warmer than that arctic blast that pounded our area earlier in the week. Tonight the lows will be in the 40s and 50s. At 11... Read More →

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Stormy weather causes havoc in the Southland

Sunny skies today will help dry out Burbank and the rest of the Southland from some very stormy weather. We got slammed by a cold Pacific storm that swooped down from Alaska and rolled through our area yesterday. Hundreds of accidents on the freeways.There were some evacuations in the communities burned by the wildfires, but residents there managed to get through it all without  any major mudslides or flooding.  And the mountains got snow — down to around 15-hundred feet. Last night, snowfall shut down the Grapevine, a main artery between Northern and Southern California. At around 9:30 this... Read More →

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A monster wildfire threatens several foothill communities

Photo: Irfan Khan/ Los Angeles Times —An air attack on a flank of the wildfire approaching Acton. That stubborn wildfire menacing several foothill communities north of Los Angeles has grown into a monster blaze. Today officials estimate more than 35, 000 acres have been scorched and thousands of homes are in danger forcing residents to pack-up and leave. Fire crews are battling in hot temperatures to save homes in a number of neighborhoods. Some folks in La Canada are being allowed to return, but the threat is not over for... Read More →

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Wildfires burning in the Southland

Photo: La Canada Flintridge fire  08/27/09 Christine Cotter/Los Angeles Times Heat, smoke, and wildfires in the Southland today. Fire crews battling four brushfires will not get much help from the weather. Another hot dry day is expected with temperatures reaching in the triple-digits in some areas. This is typical August weather, which did not arrive until a few days ago. Overnight that little brusher burning near La Canada Flintridge took off. It has grown to around 1,500 acres and is now threatening hundreds of homes. The flames erupted Wednesday afternoon near the Angeles Crest Highway.... Read More →

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Freaky weather in the Southland

The weather turned very freaky today. Those overcast skies this morning did not give way to sunshine as was the case during the past few days. Instead wacky thunderstorms rolled through parts of Southern California this afternoon bringing lightning, thunder, rain, and even some hail in places like the coastal community of Venice. Two women were reportedly injured by lightning; one victim died in Fontana, the other was hospitalized  near Palm Springs. Some of those lightning strikes sparked a number of minor brush fires. One flared up near the San Dimas golf course and quickly grew... Read More →

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Barack Obama: Then and Now

Photo (1980): Lisa Jack — from the Los Angeles Times In 1980, Occidental College student Lisa Jack got very, very lucky. A bright handsome freshman named Barry Obama agreed to a photo session for one of Jack’s class assignments. The session produced 36 shots of a cool, youthful Obama. The photo above shows Obama wearing a bomber-style jacket with swirls of smoke from his cigarette floating around him. Years later, President Barack Obama apparently has dumped the smoking thing; ah, no matter, he’s still pretty cool without it. Obama spent his first two... Read More →

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Earthquake shakes up Southern California

Some folks in Southern California are still recovering from last night’s reminder that we live in earthquake country. That reminder came in the form of a 4.7 quake which rocked, rolled, shimmied, or shifted the ground from side to side for up to 15 seconds, according to those who felt it. Experts say the shaker shook up a large section of the Southland at 8:39 p.m. and was followed by an aftershock of 3.1 a few minutes later. The quake was centered near Lennox in the South Bay. I experienced the shaking... Read More →

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New online newsletter focuses on the Southland social scene

A colleague from my days working at Channel 4 News, Dee Dee Brown, has a new online venture. This week, Dee Dee sent out the first edition of her colorful e-newsletter, “DEE DEE DA DA.” Front and center, a review by Dee Dee of Sky’s Gourmet Tacos, a Mexican restaurant with a splash of soul, on West Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles. Dee Dee, a lover of good food, says the shrimp tacos are outstanding. Dee Dee’s future plans for the monthly newsletter include reports on concerts, music, musical groups, theater, movies, comedy, books,... Read More →

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President Obama makes historic appearance on “Tonight Show”

                                                                                                       FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove President Barack Obama is back in Washington, D.C. today after a whirlwind visit to the Southland. President Obama wrapped up two days of events with a trip to Burbank to tape a guest appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” late yesterday. This is the first time a  U.S. President has sat down for a chat on the “Tonight Show.” However, Obama has been on the late night show twice before: December of 2006 and October of 2007. So the president was quite comfortable with the routine... Read More →

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More showers for our drought plagued Southland

Showers are sweeping through the Southland today. In Burbank, a steady rain is falling and it’s cold this morning. The temperature is around 50.  Only a few days ago, folks here were out jogging, walking, or driving with their convertible tops down in 80 degree weather! Right now the Golden State is suffering through drought conditions, so every little bit of rain is a big deal. Last June, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a “statewide drought” after two years of below average rainfall. 2009 started off pretty dry until last month, when we got pounded by several major... Read More →

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Another winter storm on the way

Brian Vander Brug/Los Angeles Times Palm trees drooped under the weight of snow at the Antelope Valley Mall during last week’s powerful storm in the Southland. Today is the first official day of winter. Despite what the calendar says we got hammered by a serious winter storm last week. More stormy weather is headed our way with wind, rain, snow, and cold temperatures. In fact, it could be a wet and rainy Christmas 2008 in Southern California. Brian Vander Brug/Los Angeles Times A stranded motorist shoveled... Read More →

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High gas prices continue

Despite high prices millions gas up and hit the roads and highways. Today is get-away day for many folks traveling during the long 4th of July holiday weekend. The price for a gallon of gas is well over $4 in most places. Still, the Automobile Club of Southern California predicts that eighty percent of Southland travelers or 2.4 million will go by car. That’s less than a one percent decrease compared to last year. “Our record gas prices clearly are affecting travel for the second holiday in a... Read More →

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