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Photo: FLLewis/ Media City G -- Roses blooming all over town in Burbank March 20, 2014

Sunny and warm on first day of spring in the Media City

The sun is shining and the temperature is warm on this the first day of spring in the Media City. The roses and other flowers are opening up, filling the air with color and fragrance. As lovely as it is — there is a nice change in the forecast for the next few days. Today’s high is expected to be around 73. Tonight,  the temp will dip into the low 50s. Also this evening, some cloudy skies and light drizzle — expected to hang around through tomorrow and on into the... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Garden Guru Emilio "Elmo" Telles

Garden Guru: Summer plant maintenance

Spring is the most popular time for gardeners to flock to their favourite nursery to shop for their gardens, raised bed, and hanging basket gardening. Here comes the summer heat and those spring annuals are getting a little “tired” looking and need a boost of care. Wait, just to clarify. Annual bedding plants(for instance petunias, marigolds, cosmos,pansies,  and snapdragons ), start from seed and last for a year. As opposed to perennials like (geraniums, dusty miller, agapanthus,daylilies, etc. will last three years or more). Spring planted annuals have finished their spring blooming... Read More →

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bowl of rice clipart

Jean Youn: A bowl of spring

A plate or a bowl where food is put is called as a “Geu-reut” in Korean. “Geu-reut” has a variety of names. For example, we call it as “Bab (steamed rice) Geu-reut” if a bowl contains steamed rice which is the main staple for Koreans. If it holds soup (“Kook” in Korean), it is called as “Kook-Geu-reut.” Likewise, if bread (“Bbang” in Korean) is on it, it is called as “Bbang Geu-reut.” And If spaghetti is on it, it becomes as “Spaghetti Geu-reut.” In other words, the... Read More →

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music clip art

Jean Youn: Music and the sweet sounds of spring

What kind of music do you like? What are your favorite songs? Different people like to listen to different kinds of music. However, there are some songs that many people, across cultures, generations and gender all seem to enjoy.There are certain things that touch sensitivities universally. I think a good example of such a song is Nella Fantasia, it is based on the theme song, “Gabriel’s Oboe,” from the movie “The Mission” (1986). Even though the song is sung in Italian, and I don’t speak any... Read More →

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Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

Jean Youn: Electricity, power outages, and spring

Have you ever experienced a sudden power outage? It’s a very frustrating ordeal because it prevents you from cooking, having air conditioning when it’s hot, heating when it’s cold, and these days we might feel helpless without a working computer. Just about everything that operates on electricity would not be working during a power outage. It’s also impossible to do any work at a dry cleaners if you’re not getting any electricity. Electricity seems to be as vital to us as air these days. Without electricity, life would be so... Read More →

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clip art of spring flowers

Jean Youn: Spring ahead with a new start

It is now March, meaning that it is almost spring. I like to think of spring as a time of renewal and starting fresh. In Korea, sometimes the beginning of spring is interrupted by unseasonably cold temperatures and sometimes it even snows. When this happens, it is said that the cold weather is jealous of the beauty of the flowers that bloom in the spring time. However, we know that the weather can’t have feelings of jealousy or any other feelings. People on the other hand, are sometimes very prone... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Burbank in bloom Spring 2011

A sizzler in the Media City today!

The heat is on in Burbank today. The temps have been creeping up since Monday. Yesterday’s high was 82.  Today the high is expected to reach 90 degrees! Like yesterday it will be breezy at times — but mostly just hot and sunny. Some dramatic swings in the weather lately. On Easter Sunday, we got light April showers in the morning and cool temps most of the day. Now, we’re dealing with high temps and windy conditions. Despite all the changes, the plants and flowers seem to be thriving well in... Read More →

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