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Photo: Councilman Dr. David Gordon at Burbank City Council meeting March 20, 2012

Talk of the town: Incident at Burbank Councilman Gordon’s business office

A lot of chatter and questions being asked about that incident at Burbank City Councilman Dr. David Gordon’s business office a little over a week ago. Burbank Police are reporting that a brick was tossed through a “4 by 6 foot window” at  Dr. Gordon’s optometry office in the 800 block of Hollywood Way, March 16, at around 10 p.m. Was it a random act of vandalism  or something more sinister? A media report released last Friday by BPD Officer Joshua Kendrick says “… Officers were unable to determine whether or... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G --Burbank Mayor Jess Talamantes served as the keynote speaker at the Burbank Coordinating Council meeting in Burbank March 5, 2012

Talk of the town: Burbank City Council’s controversial vote on Walmart

During the past week, I’ve discovered the Walmart vote by the Burbank City Council last month is still on the minds of a lot of folks. Monday at the Burbank Coordinating Council meeting, keynote speaker, Mayor Jess Talamantes, cheerfully reminded the audience of the 4-to-1 council vote in favor of allowing Walmart to move forward without restrictions or delays in its plans for The Great Indoors site at the Empire Center. Mayor Talamantes said, “They’re going to be issued permits to do what they need to do… to the interior.”... Read More →

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stack of screenplays

Talk of the Town: The Black List

One of the most debated and scrutinized lists in the entertainment industry came out today.  The Black List is a collection of unproduced screenplays that for whatever reason rated as a “like” or “favorite” by a number of film executives. This year, 300 of them reportedly sent in suggestions to film executive, Franklin Leonard ,who started compiling The Black List back in 2004. Since then, scripts have been plucked from this list and whizzed into production, turning the lucky screenwriters into hot scribes. To many, that’s better than any award or trophy.... Read More →

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Hollywood clip art

Talk of the Town: Oscar drama

The Oscar telecast is the biggest event in Hollywood. The 84th Academy Awards ceremony is not until next February, but there is already plenty of real life drama surrounding it. The spark in a firestorm of controversy was lit over the weekend by movie director Brett Ratner who made an anti-gay slur and resigned on Monday as the producer of the upcoming Oscar broadcast because of it. The Los Angeles Times website has the back story on that here. Ratner decision to step aside prompted actor/comedian Eddie Murphy to bow... Read More →

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Pro Walmart flyer

Talk of the Town: The Walmart war

This pro-Walmart flyer was e-mailed to me last night.  It’s a slick piece of promotion from the nation’s largest retailer.  As expected, Walmart is  trying to rally support for its upcoming “community open house” at the old location of the Great Indoors, in the Empire Center, Monday, October 17, at 5 p.m. This location is the designated site of a new Walmart. Meanwhile, the “No Walmart in Burbank “group is holding a fundraiser this evening at the Flappers ComedyClub in Downtown Burbank starting at 8 p.m. An evening of comedy... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Electric smart meter in Burbank

Talk of the Town: Those controversial new smart meters

A lot of complaints and grumbling about, and verbal attacks on, the new smart meters in Burbank.  Officials at Burbank Water and Power are raving about the new water and electric meters — but many of the residents aren’t buying the hype. Some of the public suspicion, disapproval, and down right hostility for the meters was heard during public comments at last Tuesday’s Burbank City Council meeting on August 30. Most of the carping is about the electric smart meter and its environmental, health, and privacy issues. BWP honcho, Ron Davis, stepped to the podium... Read More →

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Invite for Dennis Barlow retirement parties

Talk of the Town: Burbank City Attorney’s retirement party e-mail

Quite a bit of talk in B-town about the fairytale-like e-mail announcement sent out to all Burbank City employees yesterday. The e-mail invited folks to save two upcoming dates, September 29 and October 28, for bashes honoring the retirement of controversial Burbank City Attorney, Dennis Barlow. While the invite probably got chuckles from some — it got scorn from others who feel Barlow, a major player in the police mess and scandal, is not quite the lovable, smiling Disney type character portrayed in the e-mail. Hmm, maybe that’s the backhanded... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- The Great Indoors at the Empire Center 1301 North Victory Place, Burbank

Talk of the Town: Is Walmart moving to the Media City?

A lot of chatter  these days about Walmart. Is the world’s largest retailer coming to Burbank — bringing along its unsavory baggage of poor labor practices — including a reputation for discriminating against minorities — particularly women? Apparently Walmart has plans to open in Burbank at The Great Indoors location in the Empire Center.  Recently, Walmart bought the site from Sears. The Great Indoors is expected to close this weekend. There are reports Walmart is going to try to head-off the negative reaction and win over the public with a series of community forums to explain itself. Well, I hope residents don’t  fall... Read More →

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Photo credit Anonymous -- The pool of Burbank Water and Power General Manager Ron Davis on Brace Canyon Drive Burbank

Talk of the Town: Ron Davis and his pool drama

Burbank Water and Power General Manager, Ron Davis, is the talk of the town.  Not only because of his hefty salary and merit pay bonuses — reportedly totaling $263, 018 last year — but because of an illegal action involving water discharged from his swimming pool. For days now, folks have been talking about Davis draining a portion of his pool water. Outraged neighbors jawing about the incident — complained the infraction “… for a day was filling the street with roaring water.” I was sent this photo of the BWP honcho’s half-empty pool anonymously.... Read More →

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