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Spring Forward Daylight Saving Time starts today

Check your clocks. Last night, most of us lost an hour of sleep in the U.S. because we switched to Daylight Saving Time. There are only a few exceptions like Hawaii and parts of Arizona. Like most change, there are complaints and haters. There’s even a bill in the California legislature to drop Daylight Saving Time in the Golden State. However when the days warm up, you’ll fine very few grumbling about the extra hour of daylight.

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Daylight Saving Time and spring-like weather in Burbank

Spring-like weather arrived in Burbank this weekend just in time for Daylight Saving Time. You should spring forward Sunday, March 9 at 2 a.m. or just turn your clocks an hour ahead before going to bed tonight. You lose an hour sleep, but gain an extra hour of daylight in the evening — more time for outdoor activities during the spring and summer months. Federal law does not required all states and territories to adhere to DST, but only a few pass up the opportunity. The... Read More →

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Jean Youn: November, time change, and a season of mums

Now, it is November. Daylight saving time ended today, because we turned our clocks back an hour to begin Standard Time.  From now on, the night time will seem even longer. Where is your hometown? If you spent your childhood in Australia, you’d remember that November is the beginning of spring there. If your hometown is located not just in Australia, but in a region in the Southern Hemisphere, the same would be true. In Korea where I spent my childhood, November is the time when fall... Read More →

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Jean Youn: “Back to the Future” and time management

It’s been quite a while since the film, “Back to the Future,” hit movie theaters in 1985. Many of us probably have, at some point or another, thought about the idea of the ability to go back and forth in time from past, present, and future. Many things have indeed changed throughout the course of time. Things that might have been unimaginable many years ago are a reality today. However, time travel is still just something that’s fun to think about, but not a reality. People have varying levels of... Read More →

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