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Colorful in the news graphic

In The News: January 20, 2015

Terrorists threaten to kill two Japanese hostages unless they get $200 million ransom!  CNN “American Sniper,” Clint Eastwood’s Iraq war drama, took aim at the box office over the long MLK holiday weekend and made history. It grabbed the number one spot and the crown for the most successful winter film opening ever. Oh, and the film is a top Oscar contender with a slew of nominations. CNN Forbes Variety Lay-offs coming  to DreamWorks Animation reportedly due to underperformance at the Box Office... Read More →

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Fitness expert /model Greg Plitt -- Reps Magazine March/April 2013

Top fitness expert killed by Metrolink train in Burbank

Burbank Police are investigating a tragic incident involving a Metrolink train. A man was struck and killed by a train north of the Magnolia Boulevard overpass not far from the downtown station in Burbank shortly after 4 p.m. yesterday. The Burbank Police Department has confirmed the identity of the man who was killed in that train versus pedestrian collision as George Gregory Plitt Jr., a top fitness expert and model.  On his Facebook page, the 37 year-old trainer and sometime actor, claims to be America’s No. 1 male... Read More →

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Federal hearing on that Chatsworth train catastrophe & Metrolink orders cameras for its trains

September 2008/Los Angeles Times photo   The National Transportation Safety Board hearing on that horrific train collision in Chatsworth last year is over. The question now is what is going to be done to make sure an accident like that never happens again. There were some startling revelations during the two day hearing in Washington DC about that train disaster on September 12, 2008 that killed 25 and injured at least 125 others. Testimony from witnesses revealed evidence of repeated violations by the Metrolink engineer, Robert Sanchez, including on duty cell phone and text messaging; ... Read More →

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Another Metrolink train crash blamed on a blown red light

It’s happened again. Federal officials are now investigating yet another Metrolink crash in the Southland. This time, a Metrolink commuter train and a freight train banged metal in Rialto on Thursday. Five passengers on the commuter train were injured. This accident was not the catastrophe that occurred in Chatsworth back in September, when 25 people died and more than a 100 were injured after a Metrolink train and a freight train collided head-on. However, in both cases, investigators say the Metrolink train ran a red light. The Metrolink train in... Read More →

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Metrolink engineer sent text message right before train crash

A major development in the investigation of that disastrous crash of a Metrolink commuter train and a Union Pacific freight train in Chatsworth last month.  According to a report released today by the National Transportation Safety Board, the engineer of the Metrolink train was text messaging while on duty — and sent one message 22 seconds before the fatal collision.   Engineer Robert Sanchez reportedly received or sent around 57 text messages during his shift on the day of the crash. The two trains collided at  about 4:22 p.m on September 12. Twenty-five... Read More →

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Metrolink engineer was text messaging while on duty

Federal investigators have confirmed the Metrolink engineer was text messaging from his cell phone last Friday, the day of that disastrous train collision. The National Transportation Safety Board investigators subpoenaed the Metrolink engineer’s cell phone records. However, NTSB investigators are not saying if Robert Sanchez was texting right before his commuter train ran head-on into a Union Pacific freight train in Chatsworth. Sanchez was among the 25 who died. At least 130 others were injured. In other findings, NTSB spokesperson Kitty Higgins say tests show the freight... Read More →

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Metrolink trains running through Chatsworth again

  Google file  Image Metrolink trains are rolling again on the reopened Ventura County line today. Yesterday afternoon on newly repaired tracks, investigators finished the second phase of the sight distance tests; using two trains to re-create elements and conditions of that tragic train collision, which occurred last Friday in Chatsworth. Once that testing was done, the go ahead was given for Metrolink train 111 to pull out of the downtown Los Angeles Union station, which it did at around 3:35 p.m. It stopped in Chatsworth about an hour later before rolling on to Simi Valley and Moorpark. National... Read More →

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Feinstein and Boxer call for new railway safety requirements

  Senator Dianne Feinstein (D) California U.S. Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer are on board with installing “positive train control” systems on all major railroads in the country. Feinstein and Boxer joined forces to introduce legislation in congress today that would require the high-tech systems, which are designed to override human mistakes and avoid accidents. “Rail safety experts say a positive train control system could have prevented Friday’s collision of a Metrolink commuter train with a Union Pacific freight train in Chatsworth,” according to the news release on Feinstein’s website.... Read More →

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The Feds release some test results in train crash probe

Brian Vander Brug/ Los Angeles Times A rail worker helps test the equipment at the site of that tragic train collision. Investigators are back on the scene of that horrific train crash in Chatsworth today looking for answers and running more tests. Meanwhile, Metrolink riders boarded buses again this morning to get around the crash site. During a news conference last night, National Transportation Safety Board spokesperson Kitty Higgins spoke about the results of some of the tests done by investigators. Higgins said that those tests have determined there was no... Read More →

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New details on the Chatsworth train collision

Lori Shepler/Los Angeles Times Crews began repairing the damaged railroad tracks on Saturday and will continue today. UPDATE:   There’s some management fallout from that Metrolink train crash.  Spokesperson Denise Tyrrell has resigned.  Speaking for Metrolink, Tyrrell announced on Saturday the commuter train engineer had blown past a red signal and probably caused the accident. Apparently, Tyrrell quit after being criticized by Metrolink board members for making that announcement. 8:02 p.m. UPDATE: The Los Angeles Coroner’s Office has dropped the death toll back down to 25.   6:48 p.m UPDATE: Death toll... Read More →

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Train crash worst in Metrolink history

  Lawrence K.Ho/Los Angeles Times UPDATE: Federal investigators are on the scene in Chatsworth today searching for evidence to the cause of the train collision. The National Transportation Safety Board is leading the probe. NTSB spokesperson Kitty Higgins says the agency plans  “… to look at everything.” Also, the clean up of the site continues.  Sunday 2:43 p.m. Ken Hively/ Los Angeles Times UPDATE:  A day of mourning. Today flowers, messages, and balloons are being left along the train tracks in Chatsworth near where that terrible collision... Read More →

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