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Photo: FLLewis / Media City G -- Strong winds whipped around the flag out front of the American Legion Post No.150 at 940 West Olive Avenue Burbank January 24, 2015

Strong winds and warm temps in Burbank, Southland this weekend

Very strong winds whipped and howled through Burbank this morning. Winds died down to light breezes shortly after 9 a.m., but a wind advisory for the Media City and many other parts of the Southland remains in effect through 3 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. Wind with gusts from 35 to 55 mph are expected in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties, including coastal and valley areas. There could be even more powerful winds in the canyons, below the passes, and in the mountains. In B-town, the winds ripped down palm fronds, tree... Read More →

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cold snap graphic

Cold weather to warm up after causing havoc in Burbank

A cold snap has held the Southland in a frigid grip for several days with night temps in near or below freezing in many places. Tonight, the temperature is expected to dip down into the chilly zone in many places. Burbank, which has had lows in the 30s this week, will see the temperature drop into the low 40s tonight. The high today in B-town reached into the low 60s. The weather watchers are promising even warmer temps by the beginning of next Monday and Tuesday. They say... Read More →

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Cloud blowing strong winds clip art

Strong winds howling through Burbank

Strong cold winds are howling through Burbank right now. A wind advisory is in effect for Los Angeles County for 15-to-25 MPH winds with some gusts up to 50 MPH until tomorrow morning at  6.a.m. Burbank is definitely being wind-whipped this afternoon.  The temperature is dropping as well. The high today only in the low 60s — tonight, it will get down into the mid-40s. Yeah, it feels like winter again.

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clip art of a wind blown tree

More strong winds in Burbank

It’s sunny and windy in the Media City today. In fact, there’s a wind advisory for the entire Southland in effect until 2 p.m. tomorrow. That advisory says ” gusty and potentially damaging Santa Ana winds expected today and Friday.”  Winds of 20-30 mph with gusts up to 45 mph are whipping through So Cal this morning. The winds could get even stronger before this weather drama is over.  Oh, you might remember that vicious wind storm about three weeks ago that hammered the city. Keith Sterling, Burbank public information officer, says the... Read More →

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