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Temporary election workers wanted in Burbank

Burbank is gearing up for its primary and general elections in the first half of the new year. As part of the preparation, a news release was sent out expressing a need for temporary election workers. Also, a notice about this is on the city website. There are three types of positions:Election Worker, Ballot Drop-off Center Worker; and a Canvassing Board Member. The pay range is from $17.14 an hour to $100 a day. There  are minimum requirements such as you must be at least 18... Read More →

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Talk of the town: Yahoo begins layoffs of 2,000 employees

  Some of those hard working employees at the Internet giant Yahoo are getting shown the door today. Two thousand employees are being sacrificed”…as part of an overall plan to reshape the Company for the future,” Yahoo says in an SEC filing, according to No word yet on how many of the Yahoo employees working in Burbank will get the axe. Yahoo reportedly has around 14,000 employees. While these workers are kicked to the curb, behind the scenes, there’s drama going on over... Read More →

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