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Letter to the Editor: A tribute to Mickey DePalo

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A heartfelt farewell to Mickey DePalo.

Burbank will miss Mickey and we will never forget him. 

While change is a part of life, saying farewell isn’t easy, especially if that someone is Mickey DePalo.  Mickey is a good man;  our dear Vietnam War veteran, our hero and he is my friend.   It has been my honor to have met Mickey, he is one in a million.

Mickey has served our community for many years in many capacities and is always volunteering his time in our city.  He has touched the lives of many people in our community in a positive way.  Mickey is quiet, unselfish and always willing and ready to help others. 

Mickey, you have made a big impact in our community and we thank you for your service.  Good things come to good people, and you are one of the best.  I wish you and your family the best in your future endeavors.

Bob Frutos

Burbank Mayor

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