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City of Burbank announces interim police chief

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City of Burbank announces new interim police chief. City Manager, Justin Hess, selected Deputy Police Chief, Michael Albanese , for the job, according to a new release put out last Friday, June 4. The move follows the decision by Police Chief, Scott LaChasse, to retire next month. Albanese joined the department in 2010 as patrol captain. In 2015, he moved up to deputy chief.

Albanese has more than 40 years in law enforcement and is eager to take on more responsibilities. “I am very proud of the men and women who work for our Department and I am grateful to have the opportunity to lead them during this transitional period. Continuing an enduring collaboration with the community, City Council and staff during this process is important to me and our Department, ” Albanese said in the news release.

Questions still remain. Is Albanese going to be a caretaker for LaChasse’s policies or will he bring new ideas and changes to the department? How long will Albanese hold the interim position? And will he seek the position permanently? LaChasse’s last day on the job is July 6. Hopefully, some answers will come shortly after Albanese takes over as interim chief.

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