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Final results for Burbank Gen Municipal Election 2020

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The final results for the Burbank General Municipal Election 2020 are in. The County of Los Angeles certified the election on November 30. Meanwhile, the City of Burbank did so last Tuesday, November 8.

The winners did not change since the release of the early tallies shortly after the election. However, the number of Burbank ballots rose to an incredible 59,034. That amounts to 80 percent of the registered voters. 73, 0444 in the Media City. Pretty impressive.

Voter registration and election participation are at the highest point ever. “I am extremely proud of our Burbank voters,” City Clerk, Zizette Mullins, said yesterday.

City Council Race Results

Voters made bold choices for the two seats on the city council. Appointed Councilman, Tim Murphy, lost his bid for a full term. The two winners are Konstantine Anthony and Nick Schultz.

When asked about their priorities, they responded this way.

Nck Schultz: “First and foremost, I will work with my colleagues on the Burbank City Council to develop a plan to safely restore and rebuild our local economy. I believe we should take this opportunity to create a more equitable local economy where everyone has the opportunity to succeed and provide for their families.”

Konstantine Anthony: “My immediate priority will be the city’s pandemic response, especially as it pertains to small businesses and renters.”

Council Candidates Votes Percent
NICK SCHULTZ 13,105 15.27%
TAMALA TAKAHASHI 12,686 14.78%
PAUL HERMAN 11,969 13.94%
TIM MURPHY 10,245 11.94%
LINDA BESSIN 7,362 8.58%

Anthony and Schultz will be sworn in at the city council re-organization meeting on Monday, December 14. At that special meeting, the council members will continue the annual tradition of selecting a new mayor and new vice-mayor.

Vice-Mayor, Bob Frutos, is expected to move up to mayor and council member, Jess Talamantes, more than likely will fill the vice-mayor position.

Palmer wins City Treasurer Race

Also, appointed City Treasurer, Krystle Palmer, won the right to finish out the two years remaining on the term of Debbie Kukta, who left for a position with Burbank Unified School District. Palmer bested two other candidates. Palmer will be sworn in on Monday at the city council special meeting.

City Treasurer Candidates Votes Percent
KRYSTLE PALMER (N) 24,434 56.49%
LINDSEY FRANCOIS (N) 9,773 22.59%
DARIN B. SHEA (N) 9,050 20.92%

The controversial rent control measure was soundly defeated in the election. Here are the results for Measure RC.

Rent control measure defeated

Measure RC
NO 31,697 63.79%
YES 17,994 36.21%

Meanwhile, a new member will be sworn in at the Burbank Unified District Board meeting next Thursday, December 17. Grade school teacher, Emily Weisberg, won an overwhelming victory in the election for three seats.

School Board Candidates Votes Percent
EMILY WEISBERG 32,442 31.71%
STEVE FERGUSON 23,445 22.92%
ROBERTA REYNOLDS 22,251 21.75%

Also, outcoming board member, Reynolds, will be honored for her 13 years of service at the December 17th meeting.

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