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20 years after the infamous white Ford Bronco chase where is O.J.?

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Photo: Las Vegas Metro Police -- O.J. Simpson Fall 2008

Photo: Las Vegas Metro Police — O.J. Simpson Fall 2008

On the 20th anniversary of the infamous police chase of O.J. Simpson in a white Ford  Bronco, the disgraced ex-NFL star is doing time in a Nevada prison for a kidnapping and armed robbery. That 2008 case involved the hold up of two sports memorabilia dealers.

Back on June 17, 1994, an estimated 95 million viewers across the nation were glued to television screens watching  the white Bronco lead authorities on a slow-speed pursuit.  At the wheel, long time friend of the former actor, Al “A.C.” Cowlings. In the back seat, double murder suspect O.J with a gun, reportedly threatening to commit suicide.

The drama would end peacefully with O.J. giving up and going on trial for the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Simpson, and her friend 25-year-old Brentwood waiter, Ronald Goldman. Later, a jury would find Simpson not guilt of the double murders. The verdict produced shock and anger from some. Cheers and jubilant from others.

Two decades later, there is still heated debate over the verdict.

Meanwhile, “The Juice” is struggling to dealing with another criminal case. In December of 2008, he was sentenced to a 9-33 year prison term for his part in a 2007 scheme to shake loose some of his sports memorabilia from a couple of dealers. Simpson, who is now 66, is not eligible for parole until 2017.  Earlier this month, lawyers for Simpson petitioned the Nevada Supreme Court for a new trial alleging he did not get adequate legal representation.

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