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2017 Burbank General Election final results released today

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Election results graphic

Burbank City Clerk, Zizette Mullins, announced the final results for the 2017 general election this afternoon. The only race on the ballot, a run-off  among four candidates for two seats on the city council. The election night preliminary numbers showed Councilman Bob Frutos winning with the most votes, followed by challenger Sharon Springer, Councilman Dr. David Gordon and the fourth candidate, Juan Guillen. Today the ballots postmarked on Election Day and received by noon were counted. The final tally shows Councilman Bob Frutos winning re-election. He is joined on the council by newcomer Springer.

Bob Frutos 6, 300

Sharon Springer 5, 666

Dr. David Gordon 5, 287

Juan Guillen 3, 783

In a phone interview, Frutos said he was both “thankful and humbled … voters putting me into office for a second term.” Frutos was the only council candidate in the primary or the general election to get more than 6, 000 votes. Frutos admits he was  “very surprised” that “more people voted for me in the run-off than the primary.”  Frutos picked up 5,320 votes in the primary back on February 28.

Springer ran the most impressive campaign, beating three-time council candidate Juan Guillen and incumbent Dr. David Gordon, who has spent more than a decade on the city council. Springer responded to her victory in an email by saying: “I’m thrilled. We ran the little campaign “that could” and we won! I thank my amazing volunteers, supporters and Burbank voters.  I’m humbled and honored to be elected to serve our city and all residents in a positive way.”

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