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A health scare and more dramatic testimony at O.J. trial

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Crime Writer Dominick Dunne

O.J. Simpson’s armed robbery/kidnapping trial is kicking off day seven in Las Vegas, today. Yesterday, there were some anxious moments when celebrity crime writer Dominick Dunne was rushed to the hospital complaining of pain.

Dunne, who is reportedly battling cancer, is covering the trial for Vanity Fair magazine. Dunne is well known for reporting on high profile trials. He took up the profession in the mid-1980s, after his daughter, actress Dominique Dunne, was strangled by John Sweeney, a former boyfriend, in the driveway of a West Hollywood home. She died a few days later. Sweeney was convicted of manslaughter, but served less than six years in prison.

82-year-old Dunne was checked out and then released from the hospital later in the day.  Meanwhile, collectibles dealer Thomas Riccio was back on the stand for a third day. Riccio is the middle man who arranged the meeting between Simpson and the two sports memorabilia dealers.  Also, Riccio repeated his contention that he saw a gun during the confrontation in a Las Vegas hotel room last September.

Simpson’s lawyer, Yale Galanter, has argued the former NFL star went to the hotel to recover his stolen property and he never saw a gun.

Also, Riccio revealed how he has profited from the incident. Riccio admits he received more than $200,000 from news outlets that included the celebrity website TMZ and ABC News. Also, Riccio wrote a book called “Busted”  about his involvement in the case.

Another witness, Charles B. Ehrlich, testified that Simpson knew one of his accomplices brought a gun to the encounter. Ehrlich was there as well and has accepted a plea bargain in exchange for his testimony.

Simpson and co-defendant, Clarence “C.J.” Stewart, are facing about a dozen charges and if convicted of the most serious offenses, they could get life in prison.

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